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The excluded and news of the week on B2 Pro (August 29 to September 2, 2022)

Informal meeting of the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs, assistance to Ukraine, EU-Africa partnership, defense budget... summary of information published in recent days on B2 Pro.

The defense ministers of the 27 agree in Prague on the need for a training mission for the Ukrainian army (© Czech Presidency of the EU)

[News] A mission to train the Ukrainian armed forces

Defense ministers on Tuesday (30 August) gave the green light to the High Representative and his teams to fine-tune the project of a military crisis management mission for the Ukrainian army. However, questions remain and it will be necessary to be very careful that it is effective... [Exclusive], B2 also read for you what the EU mission in Ukraine could look like.

[News] Restricting visas: a new way to cut ties with Moscow

The 27 completely review their visa policy with Russia. They thus agree to strongly restrict the granting of visas and the entry of Russians into their territories. After long discussions, a common position in seven points was found.

[Interview] The President of the Security-Defence Sub-Committee of the European Parliament confides in B2

Nathalie Loiseau sets out the priorities of the 27: keeping pace with aid to Ukraine, but not neglecting the other crises that still exist and/or are aggravated by Ukraine. But one thing is certain, failure is not an option for Europeans in their support for Ukraine.

[Analysis] The end of the Europe-Africa partnership?

At the United Nations Security Council, Africa stands out from Europe. The three African representatives, Ghana, Gabon and Kenya, often make common cause to display their differences. They do not hesitate to add their voices to the Russians and Chinese, or to abstain when they consider it useful. Especially on African issues or Ukraine.

[Sheet] Defense budgets on the rise

The return of war to the European continent came as a shock. European states decide to reinvest massively in their defense budget. At different speeds...

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