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Aid to Ukraine, acquisition mechanism, Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Arms Purchase Task Force... summary of the many information published in recent days on B2 Pro. With lots of valuable analysis and exclusivity.

Supporting graphs, the High Representative explained at length that oil and food prices are not linked to EU sanctions (Photo: EU Council)

[Exclusive] An alternative to the European Peace Facility

The European Facility has already allocated €2,5 billion to Ukraine. No one disputes the idea of ​​continuing to support Ukraine, but the Facility must also support other regions and continue financing EU military operations. The 27 are therefore thinking of creating a special fund for Ukraine with the idea of ​​continuing arms deliveries. Such an initiative will have advantages both for Europe and for Ukraine. See you in the fall for more details.

[Decryption] 500 million to support the acquisition of weapons

The urgency of Russian aggression by Ukraine prompted the European Commission to turn towards a joint arms acquisition mechanism. Budget: €500 million over two years. A short-term solution that will encourage member states to cooperate in the purchase of arms. And will raise the level of European industry. However, certain conditions must be met to benefit from these subsidies...

[Confidential] The Arms Purchase Task Force: an original informal structure

To identify the needs of the Member States of the European Union, a task force procurement has been set up informally. The interest is " gather as much information as possible, to suggest to the Member States the possibilities of joint acquisition or even to discuss with the industrialists “, Details one of the managers at B2. But how does the arms purchase task force work?

[News] The essentials of the Foreign Affairs Council

The last council before summer on Monday (July 18) was once again largely occupied by the war in Ukraine. A few other important topics were discussed, such as relations with Israel, Latin America and EU digital diplomacy. Read : What to remember from the Foreign Affairs Council.

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