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Exclusives and information from B2 Pro this week (July 4 to 9, 2022)

Defense budget, Task Force Takuba, Legislative elections, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Eufor Athéa, Barkhane, NH90… summary of the numerous information published in recent days on B2 Pro. With lots of valuable analysis and exclusives

Most of Barkhane today involves logistics. Here the logistics desert battle group (GTD-LOG) Via Domitia II relieves the GTD-LOG Phénix (Photo: DICOD / EMA France)

[News] The United Nations Security Council renounces Barkhane

Since June 29, Operation Barkhane no longer has an international mandate to act in Mali. The Malian government has also firmly opposed MINUSMA's freedom of movement. Which states support Mali in this maneuver against the West?

[To analyse] Germany gives feedback on NH90s

Delivery delays, operational restrictions, insufficient training, the NH90s are not efficient enough to fulfill their missions. Although some progress has been made, helicopters represent a risky investment.

[News] The Grand Duchy is stepping out of its defense comfort zone

Luxembourg sets a course. He intends to participate in the general increase in defense spending. According to Defense Minister François Bausch, the objective is to achieve “ 1% of GDP, i.e. approximately €1 billion, at the earliest from 2028 ".

[Verbatim] The vagueness reigns over the sequel to Takuba

European special forces operation Takuba has come to an end. Although his results are considered positive by the French general staff, Takuba remains a unique model “ difficult to reproduce ". Talks are " ongoing to find an alternative adapted to the needs of the armies of Niger and the Gulf countries.

[Portrait] Who are the new heads of the French National Assembly?

The Foreign Affairs and Defense committees of the National Assembly are installed for the new legislature. B2 draws up for you the portrait/selfportrait quick of some of these new names to remember.

[Interview] What if the EU stabilization mission EUFOR Althea ended?

In an interview, the president of the presidential college of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Šefik Džaferović confides in B2. For him, international military forces must remain in the country. If Russia blocks the resolution on the extension of EUFOR's mandate, NATO will then have to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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