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Exclusives and information from B2 Pro this week (May 30 to June 4, 2022)

(B2) Opt-out Denmark, Niger, European Council, CSDP missions... a summary of the many information published in recent days on B2 Pro. With lots of valuable analysis and exclusives.

[Decryption] Denmark is joining the defense structures of the European Union… What does this mean for Europeans?

On Wednesday June 1, the Danes voted in favor of abandoning the opt-out on the Union's defense policy. After thirty years of absence, Denmark will therefore enter the common security and defense policy. However, its arrival in all the military structures of the Union will not happen automatically. Details structure by structure, from the Council to PESCO via the EU General Staff or the European Defense Agency.

Lire: End of the Danish opt-out. How the Danes will reintegrate into EU defense structures (v2)

[Interview] EUAM supports war crimes investigations

In an interview, Frederik Wesslau, number two of the EUAM mission, speaks to B2 in kyiv. The mission plans to deploy 350 people including 200 international experts in kyiv. Ukraine has also designated 800 prosecutors to handle the issue of international crimes: war crimes, crimes against international humanitarian law or genocide. These issues currently represent the main priority of the Ukrainian authorities. In addition to this judicial cooperation, support at the borders, the priority passage of food freight and the provision of equipment will continue.

Read :  The EUAM mission is redeploying to Kyiv and Ukraine. Priority to war crimes (Fredrik Wesslau)

[Verbatim] The freeing of roads and the demining of the countryside are a priority for the population

25.000 explosive objects have already been removed from Chernihiv soil since the start of the conflict. But that's not all. Many areas are still contaminated and the civilian population cannot access them. Ongoing assessments count about 3.700 buildings destroyed in addition to homes, health, television and art centers in this region located northeast of kyiv. This situation slows down the economy because “work has not yet resumed laments Vyacheslav Chaus, head of the administration of Chernihiv. Today, the urgency is to restore the road links, the bridges, which were massively destroyed by the Ukrainian and Russian armies.

Read : Priority: restore road links and demine the countryside (Chernihiv Oblast)

[Decryption] It is up to States to define the future of European defense, not the European Commission

The issue of "defence" was discussed at the May 31 summit. On this occasion, the European Council did not fail to recall that defense policy could not be communitarised in accordance with the Treaty and therefore it was up to the ministers of the Member States to decide on future orientations. The role of the commission is to provide funding and the framework for funding priorities (Eight).

Lire: A call to order from the European Council: defense policy is defined by the States

[Defence budget] Hungary: An additional tax will fund public services and defense

An additional tax will be applied to large Hungarian banks and multinationals that reap profits on rising prices and interest rates. Aim: to generate 800 billion HUF (approximately 2 billion Euros). The objectives of the new government are to protect not only the security of the country, but also the economy, in a protracted war situation.” In all, eight sectors are affected by this new measure.

Read : Hungary creates a national defense fund financed by an additional tax

And also:

[Exclusive] The European Union should soon approve a measure of assistance to the Nigerien armed forces (FAN). Under the European Peace Facility, with 25 million. Read : Europe will lend a hand to the Nigerien armed forces

The European Union seeks to reinvent and re-calibrate its presence in the Sahel and West Africa. The strategic review discussed this week by the 27 is ambitious. It offers three new missions, mainly in Niger and also in Burkina Faso. And in the Gulf of Guinea, possibly. Read : New missions in the Sahel and the Gulf of Guinea. The EEAS reshapes the future of military CSDP in Africa

Athens' tensions with Turkey and the war taking place in Ukraine give more value to American assurance. The negotiation concerns 24 35th generation F-5 stealth fighters. The F-35 aircraft acquisition process begins immediately, and a letter of request (letter of request) must be sent" as soon as possible, by the end of summer “Athens tells B2. Read : Greece plans to buy 24 F-35 fighter jets

The sixth package of sanctions against Russia was adopted on Friday (June 3) and immediately entered into force as soon as it was published in the official journal. Read : Sixteen Russian defense companies sanctioned by the EU. The sixth package of sanctions adopted but planed (v2)

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