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To read on B2 Pro this week (June 6 to 11, 2022)

(B2) Budget 2023, support for Ukraine, Russian lobbying, Dutch defence, NH90... Here is a summary of the many information published in recent days on B2 Pro.

A German NH 90 Marine (aka Sea Lion) (MOD Germany).

[News] Norway returns its NH90 helicopters!

The cancellation of the Norwegian contract for NH90 marine helicopters was made official on Friday (June 10). Reason: operational criticism. A bad signal to the ten European countries already equipped

Lire: Norway terminates its NH90 helicopter contract. A bad signal for European industry

[News] The Hague wants to invest

With the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Netherlands immediately made their " biggest investment since the cold war in the defense sector, 5 billion euros. What capacities do they plan to rely on? How to achieve it? Read : The Netherlands is reviewing its defense policy, with Europe at its heart

[Confidential] Working group in the Council

To work together, one avenue envisaged is to create a specialized working group at the Council. But it is far from obvious. The differences weigh. B2 has been looking at the depths of the possible decision to come and the ongoing debates. Read : Member States want to boost their expertise in the defense industry. Working group, jumbo council, ideas flow

[Interview] The position of the German Greens  

B2 met Green MEP Hannah Neumann in Berlin. She confides in her party's decision to support the delivery of arms to kyiv. Although there is a lack of transparency in this export, the member does not agree because " on the contrary, there has been a lot of transparency in the case of deliveries for Ukraine ". Read : The German Greens accept their choice to export arms to Ukraine

[Portraits] Rotation of ambassadors to the EU

Several delegations of the European Union will change heads by the summer of 2022. And not the least. A turnover which will also affect the structures of the CSDP. Read : The 31 new EU ambassadors. The heads of the delegations in China, Japan, Russia renewed

[Reportage] DNA research in Ukraine by French gendarmes

After the appeal for international assistance launched by the Attorney General of Ukraine to deal with the number of investigations, the French gendarmerie was one of the first to respond. The team from the Institute for Criminal Research of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN) worked in the ruins of the suburbs of kyiv. Read : Searching for the DNA of those killed around kyiv, in Boucha and Irpin

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[Confidential] How to support Ukraine? Three lines of action seem to emerge among Europeans. Read : For Ukraine to Win the War: Arms, Candidate Status and Reconstruction Aid

[Confidential] The agenda of the ministerial defense at NATO in preview. Just before the meeting, B2 takes stock of the topics on the agenda. Read : On the agenda of the NATO Defense Ministerial (June 16, 2022)

[News] Budget 2023. The total EU budget proposed for 2023 is €185,6 billion. The defense sector receives less than 1% of this amount. Out of step with public statements. Read : Budget 2023: no improvement for defense

[News] Russian lobbies banned? President Roberta Metsola made the decision on Thursday (June 2). Russian lobbies can no longer access any of the premises of the European Parliament! Read : The European Parliament closes its doors to Russian lobbies

[News] The JCPOA on the grill? There are only a few weeks left for the international community and Iran to save the nuclear agreement. Read :  Iran nuclear deal on the brink

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