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Defense Fund, Moldova, report in kyiv, European Summit… To read on B2 Pro this week

(B2) The news continues on B2 pro. For those who are not yet subscribers, here is a summary of the many information published in recent days. With lots of valuable analysis and exclusives.

The agenda of the extraordinary European Council

[Confidential] On Monday 30 May afternoon, the Heads of State and Government of the 27 meet in Brussels for an extraordinary summit. With a very complete program and discussions that promise to be difficult. Negotiations for a European embargo on Russian oil to put pressure on Moscow remain subject to the Hungarian veto, it is on the form of financial support for Ukraine that discussions should focus. And on the consequences of the war on defense investments. But also on global food security and energy prices. Read the complete agenda exclusively on B2.

Read : The war in Ukraine and its consequences on the agenda of the Extraordinary European Council of 30 and 31 May 2022 (v2)

Europeans must rebuild their arms stocks

[Interview] With the military support provided to Ukraine, EU member states are seeing arms stockpiles empty. Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren sounded the alarm in an interview. She asks that a reassessment of stocks, budgets and coordination be made. And that the 27 collectively buy new, more modern devices.

Read : Filling European arms stocks: the 27 must coordinate (Kajsa Ollongren)

Transformations of EUTM mission models on the road

[Confidential] Despite some positive results, the watchword is the same: " EUTM must evolve ". This can be explained on the one hand by the presence of competitors, considered more flexible. And on the other hand by the changing needs of the partners. It is therefore important that this model evolves to “ be more creative " and " competitive pleads a diplomatic source to B2.

Read : The model of EUTM missions has lived a little, it must evolve

Lebanon after the elections

[Interview] Lebanon is going through an unprecedented economic and financial crisis, marked by the disappearance of the middle class and the increase in the circulation of cash. Could parliamentary elections improve this situation? Faced with the difficulty of the country to get back on its feet, the points of view diverge. Some suggest that the EU introduce sanctions to force politicians to change their behavior. The others are dubious, arguing that the sanctions have more (negative) impact on the population than on the targeted leaders. 

Read: [Meanwhile] Lebanon, the day after the elections, the hardest part remains to be done!

Update on the state of the battlefield in Ukraine

[Interview] Live from kyiv, Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Defense confides in B2. Russia continues to pursue its objective: trying to encircle joint operations carried out by Ukrainian forces, ensure full control of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts and establish a land corridor between the occupied Crimean territories ". Although the Russian army has suffered heavy losses in human life, it retains a great advantage on the ground because it has " more artillery than Ukrainians. The latter therefore need one thing: Western equipment that " will rebalance the situation ». 

Read : The Russians demoralized, exhausted, but not defeated. The Ukrainians are waiting for Western equipment to rebalance the forces.

Problems at the head of the civil missions directorate (CPCC)

[Confidential] As it celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, an atmosphere " deleterious " and " very difficult has moved into the civilian missions directorate, sources tell B2. Since the arrival of General Francisco Esteban Perez at the head of the CPCC, the complaints have only increased in number. So much so that an investigation team had to be set up. Its result is unequivocal: there is a serious malfunction ” within the CPCC and it would be necessary “ restore a climate of confidence and serenity, as soon as possible”. The situation ended up creating the departure of several division heads and the abandonment of certain civilian missions to themselves. 

Read : [Investigation] CSDP civilian mission command shaken by a serious internal crisis (v2)

The Defense Fund's 2022 call for projects unveiled

[Pro News] The European Commission has presented defense research and development funding projects in 2022 for an amount of nearly one billion euros. The big winners are the space, cyber and disruptive technologies sectors, some of which have seen their budgets double, compared to what was initially planned in the March document. For this to be possible, the naval envelope took quite a beating. 

Read :  European Defense Fund. The 2022 calls for proposals officially announced

New support for the Moldovan armed forces

[Confidential] Weakened by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, Moldova could receive support from the EU for its armed forces. Technical and logistical support (non-lethal), worth 40 million euros.

Read : Towards additional support for the Moldovan armed forces

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