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Russia: the 27 adopt a fifth package

[analysis] B2 had anticipated the fifth package of sanctions against Russia. We came back to this the very evening of the adoption of the text specifying various economic measures (coal, maritime and road transport, banks, etc.). A package that required many discussions: some (the Baltics and Poland, etc.) finding that the whole was too weak, others (Greece, Cyprus, Malta) considering that it was too hard, especially for the maritime industry . Result: a compromise with numerous derogations which, in reality, “soften” the effectiveness of the package.

[Preview] The Europeans have added over 200 more names. Beyond the names known everywhere of Putin's daughters, we find above all on the blacklist about fifteen entities of the Russian military and technological industrial complex.

NATO Foreign Affairs Ministerial

B2 was at the headquarters of the Atlantic Alliance for the meeting of foreign ministers. Arms, arms, arms, that's what I'm asking for, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister D. Kuleba. And most ministers agreed to provide additional support to Ukraine. Some in the form of heavy equipment, others lighter, others finally a simple humanitarian support. The battle to come will be crucial for the future of the country, like that of NATO, insists its secretary general, who foresees a hard war.

Finland and Sweden in NATO ?

The war in Ukraine is changing the security situation in Europe. Finland and Sweden, long on the edge of the march of the Atlantic Alliance, seem to want to take the plunge soon. The Alliance, without saying so openly, is delighted. This enlargement would be a major step forward for NATO. The largest since the eastern enlargement of the 2000s.

But not without security guarantees

[Analysis] The question of security guarantees (Article V type) is a fundamental aspect of the discussion with the Nordics. It's even a condition sine qua non for possible membership.

Sweden rearms

In reaction to the Russia-Ukraine war, the Swedish armed forces want to accelerate the reinforcement of defence. Five capacities must be reinforced as a priority, in particular in the land sector.

mali. What about the future of EU security and defense missions in the country?

(Exclusive) Ambassadors from the Political and Security Committee (PSC) are meeting on Tuesday (April 5) to discuss the future of missions deployed by the EU in Mali. While the meeting is still in progress, B2 gets the main elements of the decision put on the table. The formations of the most robust units, units for the combat of the FAMA, the Malian armed forces (by the military mission EUTM Mali), like the National Guard (by the civilian mission EUCAP Sahel Mali) are suspended until minus the month of May, the date of the strategic review.

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Yemen: a two-month pause in the conflict

[Meanwhile] While all attention is focused on Ukraine, we want to keep an eye on other crisis areas. The announcement of a ceasefire by the UN Secretary-General's special envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, on April 1 is no small feat. Respecting it won't be either... Appointed to his post in August 2021, the Swede had announced that it was "more than

Egypt: the Mubaraks in court

By symbolically canceling on Wednesday (April 6) the freezing of assets put in place against the Mubarak family (freeze of assets which has already been lifted), the judges of the ninth chamber of the Court above all drew up a heavy indictment against the delay of Egyptian justice to settle this case and towards a certain European laxity towards this justice. The Member States content themselves with renewing the sanctions without really checking whether the rights of the defense had indeed been respected.

NATO goes tech

(Analysis) The concentrate of the best of technology is the objective of the Atlantic Alliance incubator, Diana, whose Defense Ministers have signed the Charter! It will bring together around sixty sites. On paper, official communication from the Alliance is wonderful. In reality it is a little different. The distribution of these centers shows such an imbalance that one can have doubts about the usefulness of this incubator. Eastern Europeans provide half of the centers, the major EU countries (Germany, Italy, Spain) provide the minimum service. Even the UK and Norway are not big contributors. France is absent. And the USA reserves its answer!

To the Foreign Affairs Council

(Preview) Details of the issues addressed by the Foreign Ministers: the war in Ukraine, Mali, Libya, Yemen, the International Criminal Court and war crimes. After having followed several briefings and discussed with several diplomats, B2 gives you the first keys to understanding the challenges of this meeting which is taking place in Luxembourg.

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