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The French FAZSOI will train Mozambican soldiers. On tip-toes

(B2) The French will finally participate in the EU military training mission in Mozambique (EUTM Mozambique) led by the Portuguese. But not before summer. And punctually. A tiptoe commitment, which contrasts with the vibrant official declarations on defense Europe.

The detachment of the 2nd RPIMA on reconnaissance in Catembe (photo: DICOD / EMA)

Elements of the FAZSOI in recognition

The soldiers of the 2nd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (RPIMa) have just carried out a “ reconnaissance mission in Mozambique between January 6 and 12. Stated objective: contribute to the European effort ", according to the army general staff, but also take stock of " the cooperation actions carried out by the French on a bilateral basis. During its presence on Mozambican soil, the 2nd RPIMa delegation, led by a lieutenant-colonel, was able to visit the Catembe training camp, one of the two EUTM training sites (where the Mozambican marines).

An operational training detachment, soon

Assessment of this recognition: positive. " In the coming months ", the 2e RPIMa — based in Saint Pierre de La Réunion (within the FAZSOI, the armed forces of the southern Indian Ocean zone) — will set up what is called at the French level a “operational training detachment” (or DIO) for the benefit of the Mozambican armed forces, to provide its know-how in four areas: “ logistics, health, maintenance and support ».

No contribution

It would be time! The EUTM mission was officially launched in November (read: EUTM Mozambique mission launched). And without France. It is essentially based on Portugal, which provides a large part of the staff and the head of mission. It has around ten contributing countries, from Lithuania to Belgium, including Greece and Spain. After procrastinating a bit, Paris had in fact decided not to participate, preferring to provide certain training on an ad hoc basis, depending on needs. This was also the essential purpose of the 2nd RPIMA’s visit to the site.

First jump this summer

A priori, according to our information, the French detachment could come in the second part of the training, in the summer, especially on the logistical aspect. “ Planning is underway ". It will happen" depending on demand and EUTM's needs, on an ad hoc basis [and therefore] not permanently an officer told B2.

A possible maritime component

This commitment could also be accompanied by a maritime component. Or on a bilateral basis, as has already been done in the past. On September 26, the high seas patrol boat Malignant (P-701), had thus embarked nine officers of the Mozambican navy, for two days of navigation, to Maputo. Or on a European basis, as part of the reconfiguration of Operation Atalanta and coordinated maritime presences, if the decision is made, to go down this far into the Indian Ocean (Read our full analysis, on B2 Pro: Indo but not the Pacific. Europe revises its maritime ambition downwards).

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde, with Helen Chachaty in Paris)

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