Takuba. Between Bamako and Copenhagen, the rag is burning. Denmark returns home (v2)

(B2) As soon as you arrive, as soon as you leave. The Danish soldiers of the task force Takuba will be repatriated soon. Against the backdrop of diplomatic tensions with Mali

The Danish government announced on Thursday afternoon (January 27) the repatriation of troops engaged in Mali as part of the task force Takuba. The approximately 90 soldiers (special forces, surgical and support teams) arrived between January 12 and 17 (Read: The Danes arrive in Takuba. But could leave again soon). The timing of the withdrawal has not yet been specified, but the return should take “ Several weeks “, according to the details of the ministry in a communicated.

A diplomatic showdown

This decision comes after several days of a diplomatic showdown between the Malian and Danish authorities. Barely a few days after the Danish deployment, the Malian government issued a press release on Monday 24 January requesting the immediate withdrawal of the Danish forces engaged in the task force. He blames a deployment made “ without his consent or bilateral agreement. Denmark has denied this accusation. It was supported on Wednesday January 26 by a joint declaration of the member countries or support of the task force. A waste of time: the Malian transitional government reiterated and published a new press release asking " insistently » the departure of the Danes. Of which act.

A non-negligible operational loss

This departure will lead to a weakening of capacities in terms of care: the Danish team was to be in charge of emergency surgical interventions. Takuba does not remain without medical support, however: the Franco-Italian pre-hospital system was declared fully operational on 15.01, with a medical evacuation capacity by helicopters.

As for the special forces, their task was initially to provide advice, support and cooperation for the benefit of the Malian armed forces.

(Helen Chachaty)

(Updated) Danish Abilities

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