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North Macedonia joins NATO's Sky Police

(B2) It is Greece that will ensure the surveillance and warning missions of its Macedonian neighbour. Quite a symbol between two countries that have bickered over historical heritage. Two and a half years after the integration into the Alliance of the small Balkan country.

(Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Brett Dodge)

A ceremony to seal the cooperation

The ceremony marking the integration of North Macedonia was held on December 9 at Skopje airport, in the presence of Macedonian Minister of Defense Radmila Shekerinska Jankovska, General Fernando De La Cruz, Commander of the Multinational Center for air operations from Torrejón (Spain) of NATO and General Themistokles Bourolias, at the head of the Greek tactical air forces. Two Greek F-16s simulated the interception of a Macedonian Learjet, then escorted it to its landing at the airport. A NATO AWACS radar plane also flew over the airport for the occasion.

Greece protects Macedonian skies

In close proximity to North Macedonia, it is Greece that will ensure the protection of its neighbor's airspace - despite the diplomatic dispute that has opposed the two countries for almost three decades over the name of the former Yugoslav republic. . Greek planes will be ready to take off on alert in the event of violation of Macedonian airspace, suspicious air activity or non-compliance with air traffic rules.

(Helen Chachaty)

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