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France in command of NATO's rapid reaction force

(B2) France takes command of the VJTF, NATO's rapid reaction military force, next Saturday, January 1, 2022. This for a period of one year.

Joint tactical fire support training (Photo: Franco-German Brigade)

A force a little faster than the NRF

The creation of this force is recent. The VJTF, for Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (or joint task force at a very high level of preparation), was decided at the summit of the Welsh Alliance in September 2014. The aim is to provide the Euro-Atlantic forces with a more effective and adapted tool. after the Russian intervention against Ukraine. It is made up of several thousand men, which can be deployed in a few days (1).

Around the Franco-German Brigade

The French VJTF will be formed around the Franco-German brigade, which will form the core of the force, in particular, the 1st Infantry Regiment and the 3rd Hussar Regiment (Rh). Other countries (Spain, Portugal and Poland) must also provide forces. It will be led by the Headquarter of the French Rapid Reaction Corps (CRR-Fr), based in Lille.

Allies determined to defend themselves

The roadmap for this VJTF is clear: to be able to defend any Ally » as the NATO Secretary General defined it: “ At a time of unprecedented security challenges, there must be no misunderstanding of NATO's resolve: we stand together to defend and protect all Allies ».

Between Turkey and Germany

France succeeds Turkey, which led the force in 2021. Germany will take over in 2023. The JFC (NATO Joint Forces Command) in Brunssum (Netherlands) ensures command of the whole of the NATO response force.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

  1. The concept of the NRF, the NATO Response Force, had become somewhat outdated and required change. Too heavy (up to 40.000 men), too slow, this force was no longer really adapted to the challenges of speed.

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