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End of the Transmissions training at EUTM RCA

Graduation ceremony at Camp Kassai (credit: EUTM Rca)

(B2) 28 trainees from the FACA, the Central African armed forces, just finished Friday (October 22) training in the use of mobile networks (training called MNE for Mobile Network Employment) at the Kassai camp in Bangui.

This training, led by FACA instructors with the support and advice of TRANS specialists (communications) from the EUTM RCA mission, lasted 22 weeks. " Very technically demanding and requiring a high level of commitment from the trainees “, this training made it possible to acquire the technical skills required to occupy a position of transmitter within a FACA battalion, in the field or in operations, indicates the mission.

For Colonel Barbosa, head of the educational pillar (EDP) of EUTM, this capacity is vital. The intervention effectiveness of the FACA “ will not be possible without a well-prepared communication network and staff ". And to add: The success of armies today depends on the coordination of their actions. Without a reliable communication system and trained and prepared operators, the lines of communication lose their effectiveness and compromise the entire maneuver ».


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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