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North of Kosovo. EULEX resumes normal activities. End of emergency deployment

(B2) The EULEX Kosovo Mission Police Unit (FPU) ended its deployment on Thursday (14 October 2021) in northern Kosovo. Its deployment had been necessary due to the rise in tension

At border points

Police forces from the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo were present at the common crossing points of Bërnjak/Tabalije and Rudnica/Jarinjë in a reconnaissance role “in order to monitor the security situation on the ground “, explained to B2 the spokesperson of the mission.

Kosovo Security Guards

EULEX teams were deployed from September 20, to respond to an official request from the Kosovo police, following tensions related to the non-recognition of license plates between Belgrade and Pristina (Read: Tensions in northern Kosovo. EULEX is unfolding. KFOR patrols).

In second line

The European Union mission on the ground has thus played its role as the second security actor in Kosovo (second security responder). That is to say to support the Kosovo police in case of need. It was also supported by the third line of reinforcements (third security responder), NATO forces.

Since Friday (October 15), the mission has therefore resumed its usual work of daily reconnaissance patrols, including in the north of the country.

(Aurelie Pugnet)

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