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Tense situation at Kabul airport (Bundeswehr)

(B2) Exchanges of fire occurred between Afghan security forces, American and German forces facing “unknown attackers” this Monday morning (August 23). Witness the tension at the airport gates

A shooting

This Monday (23.08) in the early morning, at 6:43 a.m. Kabul time (4:13 a.m. CEST), a shootout broke out between “ Afghan security forces and unknown attackers at the north gate of Kabul airport » announces the command of operations of the German joint forces on Twitter. Result: an Afghan security guard killed and three others injured. " American and German forces were also involved in the aftermath of the battle. All Bundeswehr soldiers unscathed “, completed the Bundeswehr in a communicated.

At least eight dead

The flow of people seeking to flee Afghanistan continued over the weekend. “ Exactly one week after the Taliban took power in Kabul, the situation at the airport remains very explosive » resumes the Bundeswehr which identifies at least eight people [having] died » so far (including the death this morning).

Desperate chaos outside

It’s a “desperate chaos outside the airport ", says Brigadier General Jens Arlt, head of the German evacuation detachment, as reports our colleague Thomas Wiegold from Augengeradeaus. Access to the protected area was temporarily closed yesterday (Sunday). Which lead to " a great bustle and, above all, an additional crush "concentrated at Abbey Gate, the other gates" being temporarily closed ».

To find your way, the map of entrances to Kabul airport (Source: Augengeradeaus)

(Agnes Faure, st.)

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