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Geopolitics of Europe, the basics to revise this summer

(B2) The time has come for the European bubble to leave Brussels, the gray offices of the European Commission, leave behind the ugly gray carpet of the Parliament, stop hanging out in Italian cafes, allow Schuman to become a man again and more a roundabout. Plan your 'out of office' email and go! But for those who remain in Brussels, whether they are in the institutions, journalists, lobbyists, researchers, we will have to keep busy. This is the perfect opportunity to do some revisions...

"Geopolitics of Europe" offers 40 thematic sheets answering questions to understand European issues. From the most practical questions (What is the European Union for from a commercial point of view?), to the most philosophical (Europe is peace? Tocqueville's trap?). There are also explanatory sheets on the difference between shared/exclusive/support competences, the role of the institutions (don't confuse the Council of the EU and the European Council), and a chronology of the treaties. They also present the various defense cooperations in Europe, China's investments on the Old Continent, the perceptions of threats according to the country...

The explanations are basic, didactic, short, and with diagrams. It is the ideal introduction before delving into more detail on a particular subject.

A book also recommended for students, or to learn at the beach, away from the prying eyes of your colleagues and competitors.

« Geopolitics of Europe, 40 illustrated sheets to understand the world », by Olivier de France, preface by Pascal Boniface, Editions Eyrolles, pp. 184, 17,90 €.

And to know everything about the latest developments in European defense policy, the essential thing to get: the new European defense 'toolbox', which has just been published, as well as our reference book on CSDP. And to go further, on European defence, security and diplomacy, it is on B2 Pro that it happens.

(Aurelie Pugnet)