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New names at the head of the army and at the presidency of the Republic. The Legion takes the lead

(B2) This summer will be conducive to many changes in the French armies. Changes far from trivial when we know the French military organization, 'vertically' from the president to the armies

A new chief of staff of the armed forces

T. Burkhard (credit: DICOD)

General Thierry Burkhard, current head of the army, will replace General François Lecointre after the national holiday of July 14, starting July 21. The one who has led the French armies since July 2017, having taken over ex abrupto of General de Villiers (read: François Lecointre, new commander of the French armies. Operations not the budget), wished to leave office this year, not wishing to be extended. Among other things, he was one of the first heads of the European FAMA military training mission (Read: EUTM Mali. A mission to extend).

Coming from the Legion, the 2nd foreign parachute regiment then the 4th foreign regiment, General Burkhard was one of the pivots of the planning and control center of operations (CPCO) between 2015 and 2019 first as chief of conduct then commander of the CPCO, after having been 'operations' spokesperson for the army general staff (from 2010 to 2013) and military advisor to the national intelligence coordinator (Alain Zabulon).

Jean de Monicault (Credit: DICOD / Army

Another legionnaire at the private headquarters Of the Chairman

Colonel Jean de Monicault will become the next deputy to the private chief of staff of the President of the Republic (Emmanuel Macron). As of July 1, 2021, he will replace Brigadier General Valéry Putz (1). This legionnaire spent a good part of his career in the 2nd REP, the foreign parachute regiment, based in Calvi (eleven years in total), before becoming its corps commander. He joined the army staff, notably as deputy to the head of the “programming-finances-budget” office. During his career he served on several operations in Ivory Coast, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Afghanistan (within the Lafayette task force) and Mali (see his CV).

The aide-de-camp

As for the aide-de-camp position (Land), another key position, because it accompanies the Head of State at all times, on his travels, and must be available, day and night, for the most important tasks. , like the most humble, it will be entrusted to Lieutenant-Colonel Cédric Lavisse who replaces Colonel Vincent Minguet (2). Coming from the marines, Lavisse notably served in the armed forces in Guyana (FAG) at the head of the jungle research and action commando section (CRAJ).

The special staff, a key role

In the French military hierarchy, the chief of staff occupies a key position. He is in fact the chief advisor and the military 'brains' of the President of the Republic who is, constitutionally, the Chief of the Armed Forces. There are several aides-de-camp, representing each of the major corps of the army (Air, Land, Sea).

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

  1. The news was formalized by two decrees published in the official journal.
  2. Colonel Vincent Minguet will take command of the 27th BCA (alpine hunter battalion) as of August 27, during a handover ceremony with the pass. Ivan Morel, currently deployed in Mali as part of Operation Barkhane as indicated The Dauphine

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