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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions and operations – CSDP (April 2021)

(B2) The training of police and armed forces is part of the DNA of EU missions. This month again, some notable actions in Iraq, Libya, Somalia. What is less known are the actions carried out towards the population, such as in Bosnia and Herzegovina or in Ukraine...

Mariupol (Ukraine). Bringing the police closer to the people 

The Ukrainian Internal Security Forces Advisory Mission (EUAM Ukraine) participated in the development of the first "Open Police Hub" in the city of Mariupol, the second largest city in the Donetsk region. The aim is to facilitate dialogue between the police and civil society and help restore public confidence in the police. The head of EUAM Ukraine, Finn Antti Hartikainen, was in the region to launch this project. Details here

(credit: EUAM Ukraine/B2)

Baghdad (Iraq). Adjust the reaction in case of demonstrations

While demonstrations are recurrent in Iraq, “ the balance between the right to demonstrate peacefully, the imperatives of public safety and the maintenance of law and order is essential to the democratic process “, recalls the EU mission of advice to internal security (EUAM Iraq). To this end, it organized a workshop on maintaining order in the event of a demonstration, with the first parties concerned (ministry, command of the forces of order, etc.). Details here

(credit: EUAM Iraq)

Libya. Training to react to terrorist risks

Libyan police officers took part in an explosives expertise course given by Italian police officers, with the support of the EU Border Assistance Mission to Libya (EUBAM Libya). This course is part of the counter-terrorism training provided to Libyan partners. Details here

(credit: EUBAM Libya)

Somalia. Common training between police and military, more than a symbol

The Somali police and the national army (SNA) conducted joint training for six weeks in the detection and destruction of improvised explosive devices. A first, welcome the EU support missions for internal security forces (EUCAP Somalia) and military forces (EUTM Somalia), in support of this initiative. " The course, which focuses on military-police cooperation, is expected to provide SNA and Somali Police Darwish units with additional knowledge to work together when maneuvering in areas recaptured by Al Shabab ". Details here 

(credit: EUCAP Somalia)

Niger. Second mobile land, river and lake border control company

The new mobile companye Border Control Center (CMCF) becomes operational in May. It is the second set up by the Nigerien State, with the support of the EU mission to support internal security forces (EUCAP Sahel Niger), and the financial support of Germany and the Netherlands. The CMCF has about 250 women and men, divided into five sub-units. Details here

(credit: EUCAP Sahel Niger/Andre Spangenberg)

Bosnia and Herzegovina. Covid-19 obliges, mine prevention is done online

The Stabilization Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR Althea) has partnered with the Mine Action Center of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH MAC) and the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH) for a virtual awareness campaign mine hazards. This is the parade imagined in the face of the impossibility for EUFOR liaison observation teams to go to schools, associations and clubs as in past years, to make young and old alike aware of the risks linked to explosive remnants of war and learn to react in case... The advantage is that everyone can benefit from it. Details here and video leaves

Kosovo. Provide answers to fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of the disappeared

(credit: EULEX Kosovo) 

April 27 marked National Missing Persons Day in Kosovo. The opportunity to highlight the painstaking work of searching for and identifying the 1639 people still missing, one of the flagship activities of the EU's rule of law mission in Kosovo (EULEX). Details here. To reread, the report of B2, in the cemeteries of Mitrovica.

Mediterranean. A long-term conference

For the operation to control the arms embargo on Libya (EUNAVFOR Med Irini), it is time for reflection. Main challenge of SHADE MED (Shared Awareness and De-confliction in the Mediterranean), the annual conference aimed at sharing knowledge and deconfliction in the Mediterranean Sea. The first two online debates took place in April. One (April 19) on 'European policy in Libya', the second (April 28) on 'new geopolitical challenges in an evolving Mediterranean'. Other dates are scheduled until June. Details and videos here

(credit: EUNAVFOR med Irini/B2)

Indian Ocean. Maritime news to share

The operation against maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia (EUNAVFOR Atalanta) publishes its first periodical (2 pages), which it hopes “ helpful and informative”. It is aimed at the entire maritime community. The March-April issue is downloadable here and to subscribe is leaves.

(credit: EUNAVFOR Atalanta/B2)

Koulikoro and Bamako (Mali). Josep Borrell on the pitch 

Back in some images on the visit of the Koulikoro camp of EUTM Mali (details right here) and EUCAP Sahel Mali HQ (details here) by the High Representative of the EU, on April 24, during a trip to Mali, Mauritania and Chad. 

(credit: EUCAP Sahel Mali - EC - Michele Catani)

(information collected by Emmanuelle Stroesser)

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