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Sweden and Takuba, Russia, NATO by Peter Hultqvist

(B2) Swedish Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist was guest of B2 this week for an overview of some hot topics. What good sentences...

Peter Hultqvist (credit: regeringen.se)

Task Force Takuba: the Swedes fully operational at the end of March

The 150 Swedes present in the Sahel (special forces, helicopters) will be “ fully operational very soon, before the end of March ". There is no mentoring (accompaniment of the Malian forces by the Swedes). It was " a preference on the part of the French to look for different skills ». 

Sahel : a necessary commitment

« I hope that more and more countries will participate in the operation. It's necessary. There is a need for more support from others in practice. [...] The fight against international terrorists is very important. There is a great risk that these terrorists will go to Europe ».
Russia: the real threat

“Russia is not a threat, it is reality. It's 2008 and Georgia. It's 2014 and the annexation of Crimea. It's war in Eastern Ukraine. This is the unbalanced situation in Belarus. […] This is misinformation. […] These are a lot of exercises or operations in our vicinity. »

Joining NATO is not an option
« In government, we defend all military alignments. We are not interested in changing Swedish security doctrine. [...] It is wiser to have these direct cooperations and build interoperability into practical realities than to start a big debate”.
Participation in the Tempest Program

« We have an agreement. And we work on the basis of this agreement. I have no more comments on this topic. ».


Lire: Russia is not a threat, it is a reality! But Sweden does not intend to change doctrine and join NATO (Peter Hultqvist)

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