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End of on-call duty in the Battlegroup for the German DSK

(B2) The Division Schnelle Kräfte of the German army, a unit made up of German and Dutch soldiers, ended its mission on Wednesday (31.03) in stand-by for the battlegroup, the EU battlegroup

The European flag is lowered in the Herrenwald barracks in Stadtallendorf. At the salute, Major General Hannemann (right) and his Dutch deputy, Brigadier General Timmermans (left) (Credit: Bundeswehr/Frederik Ströhlein)

In addition to Germany and the Netherlands, seven other countries (Ireland, Austria, Czechia, Croatia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden) participated in the penalty.

A necessary extension

The German-German corps, under the command of Major General Andreas Hannemann, was on duty for the second half of 2020. Mission which was extended until the end of March 2021 for lack of combatants. Blame it on the coronavirus pandemic. No other country was in a position to take over on January 1. It is normally a battlegroup led by Italy with Austria, Croatia, Hungary, hit hard by the Covid-19 which was to take over.

A certificate by default

The epidemic has also shaken up the usual procedures a little. He wasn't no longer possible to certify the entire troop during the European Challenge 2020 (EUCH 20) exercise scheduled in Wildflecken and Hammelburg explains the Bundeswehr on its website. This is the certification previously performed “at the national level which has been used as a reference ". " The Corona crisis has suddenly given us a completely different picture recognizes General Hannemann. From start to finish, however, the battle group remained capable of deploying for an external mission within 5 to 10 days of the alert, as was the original concept of this rapid reaction force. Germany should resume its role as a framework nation in the conduct of a battlegroup (EUBG) for the year 2025, under the responsibility of Eurocorps.

An unusual device

It should be noted that from the beginning, no battlegroup could be deployed, either for lack of political will, or for lack of technical-military competence of the battlegroup on duty in the area concerned.


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