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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions and operations – CSDP (January 2021)

(B2) Snowshoe training, the closing of a construction site, the delivery of a vehicle like no other, an online conference, or a birthday... Here are some vivid glimpses of the daily life of missions and operations deployed in the East and in Africa this winter month

Bosnia and Herzegovina. Winter sports !

It started to snow in the East. The members of the Multinational Battalion of the stabilization operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina (EUFOR Althea) therefore put on their snowshoes for their winter training. Off-road use of this equipment is essential here. Details here

It looks like skiing, but it's snowshoes (credit: EUFOR Althea)

Niger. Preparation for transport of dangerous individuals

The national gendarmerie received a vehicle for the transport of dangerous individuals. This equipment is again valuable when it comes to supporting the battalions of the Nigerien armed forces and the G5-Sahel countries (Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad) in military operations. This equipment complements training on the escort of dangerous individuals and threatened personalities, provided by the EU mission to support the internal security and stabilization forces of Niger. (EUCAP Sahel Niger). Details here

(credit: EUCAP Sahel Niger)

Kati (Mali). Improved training conditions

Officer, non-commissioned officer and non-commissioned officer trainees now have a renovated signals training center (CIT) in Kati, with a new surrounding wall and a gate, two completely redone instruction rooms, as well as the office room, the server and computer rooms. The project lasted 11 months, and benefited from Czech financing (65 million CFA francs, or €100). Details here

Trainees at the transmission training center (credit: EUTM Mali)

Gulf of Aden. A look back at an expanded mandate off the Horn of Africa

Fishing, drug, arms and coal trafficking have been part of the mandate of the anti-maritime piracy operation (EUNAVFOR Atalanta) since January 1. Details here

(credit: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)

Ramallah (West Bank). From the Canadian Gendarmerie to the Palestinian Territory

A director of human resources from the Canadian gendarmerie among European experts, this is the meeting to which the EU police support mission for the Palestinian territory (EUPOL COPPS) invites us. Details here

Karen Ziezold (credit: EUPOL COPPS)

Puntland (Somalia) Prosecutor's Manual

The practical document was produced by a team of Somali legal interns, supported by a lawyer and the European Union Capacity Building Mission in Somalia (EUCAP Somalia). Details here 

(credit: EUCAP Somalia)

Ukraine. Online debates on the dangers… online

The Advisory Mission to the Ukrainian Internal Security Forces (EUAM Ukraine) offers us to review “ the best moments » from the conference on “Contemporary Challenges 2020”, an online conference that she helped organize with the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Among other themes: the world and Ukraine, and online dangers. Details here

(credit: screenshot B2)

mali. Souvenir album

It has been six years since the EU support mission for internal security forces (EUCAP Sahel Mali) was launched. It was January 15th. The opportunity to browse the photo album of his achievements, from military training to cultural exchanges. Details here

(information collected by Emmanuelle Stroesser)

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