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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions and operations – CSDP (September 2020)

(B2) Cooperation is an essential part of the work carried out on the ground by EU missions and operations. It has diverse and varied forms. From sharing tea with a ship captain to glean information, to accompanying instructors from the army of a host country, through training with a foreign crew or collaboration between civilians and military, and between EU missions…

Central Mediterranean. Behind the scenes of Irini's 'friendly approaches'

The 'friendly approaches' of merchant ships, these visits lasting just one hour on the bridge, are important moments for the arms embargo monitoring operation to and from Libya (EUNAVFOR MED Irini ). How does it happen. explanations here

(credit: B2, screenshot EUNAVFOR Med Irini website)

Gulf of Aden. COCOA with the Japanese

Crossdeck exercise with vertical replenishment, replenishment at sea, communication and gunnery exercises, etc. The menu was intense for the day of exercises and training at sea, on September 21, between the crews of theESPS Santa Maria of the European operation (EUNAVFOR Atalanta) and the JS OHNAMI. The Japanese destroyer is also sailing in the Gulf of Aden to fight against maritime piracy, with Combined Task Force (CTF) 151. These exercises are part of the operation's cooperation strategy, known as COCOA. Details here

(credit: B2, screenshot EUNAVFOR Atalanta Twitter account)

Koulikouro (Mali). Medical group in exercise

A day of medical coordination training involving, at the same time, military first responders and armored ambulance teams. This was the challenge of the Malian army training mission (EUTM Mali). The training took place at the Koulikouro training camp, around fifty kilometers from the capital Bamako. Details here

(credit: EUTM Mali)

Mogadishu (Somalia). Four hours to train in cooperation between the police and the army

Together, the EU Capacity Building Mission in Somalia (EUCAP Somalia) and Military Training Mission (EUTM Somalia) developed a police-army coordination exercise for the team. Somali police planning. The goal: to prepare them to work with the Somali army in areas liberated from Al Shabaab. Details here

(credit: EUCAP Somalia)

Criva and Mamalyha (Ukraine – Moldova). Detect contraband

The Civilian Border Assistance Mission of Moldovan and Ukrainian Forces around Transnistria (EUBAM Moldova Urkaine), the Ukrainian and Moldovan national agencies responsible for nuclear and radiological issues, joined together to teach border guards/police and officials of customs to detect and intercept the smuggling of radioactive materials at the border points of Criva and Mamalyha. Details here

(credit: B2, screenshot EUBAM Moldova Ukraine website)

Bouar (Central African Republic). Delocalized training

A detachment from the military training mission (EUTM RCA) went to the west of the country, to the town of Bouar, to support instructors from the Central African armed forces (FACA) responsible for training young recruits.

(credit: B2, screenshot from EUTM RCA Twitter feed)

And also, to see, the youtube videos of the EUNAVFOR Atalanta operation, in particular the two very short videos showing at hyper-accelerated speed a sea voyage aboard a ship, or a day of Covid-19 tests on deck.

(information collected by Emmanuelle Stroesser)

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