Change of flagship to EUNAVFOR Med Irini

(B2) The relay of the flagship is an opportunity to take stock of the European operation to monitor the arms embargo in Libya

The ITS Carlo Margottini in the anti-piracy operation in the Indian Ocean (credit: EU – EUNAVFOR Atalanta – Archives B2 2019)

Command Ship Relay

The Italian Navy's amphibious ship ITS San Giorgio left on board for Operation EUNAVFOR Med Irini in early September. He is replaced by ITS Carlo Margottini (F-592), which acts as flagship until mid-October. On board this Bergamini class frigate, FREMM type, Admiral Ettore Socci and his staff. From October 19, it will be relayed by a Greek ship which will take command.

A four month review

This rotation is an opportunity for the operation to monitor the embargo on Libya to take stock of the last four months of patrol in the central Mediterranean.

  • more than 600 interrogations or hailings and 9 friendly approaches (visits on board merchant ships) took place;
  • more than ten ports and landing points were monitored, as well as 25 airports and airstrips;
  • more than 80 military flights or possible military-related air shipments to and from Libya have been detected;
  • 14 special reports were submitted to the UN group of experts noting violations “on both sides of the conflict in Libya”;
  • more than 200 satellite image syntheses were provided by the SatCen (European Union Satellite Centre) in Irini.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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