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EUTM RCA guys are moving

(B2) European soldiers have left their historic district which has housed them since the start of EU missions in the Central African Republic six years ago

(credit: EUTM Rca)

The European elements left the Ucatex camp to relocate near the airport, at M'Poko, the historic base of the French and UN forces. During a good week, this month of August (from 15 to 23), they transferred all their effects and materials, including containers.

The end of a six-year presence

Based on the site of a former disused factory, the Ucatex camp was first used by the EU stabilization force in Bangui EUFOR RCA in 2014 (read: On patrol with the police), then by the EUMAM RCA military advisory mission (read: EUMAM RCA launched. But delay effect for the workforce) and the Minusca, and finally by the training mission (read: EUTM RCA launched. The first training courses put in place…).

Destination: M’Poko

The operation is part of the " densification of advisory, training and instruction missions of EUTM RCA for the benefit of the FACA, the Central African armed forces. NB: this move also allows more synergies between the different forces (especially in terms of force protection).

Convoys spread out over the day

To avoid any problems, the convoys were divided between the morning and the afternoon. The speed of movement has also been adapted so that safety “ is ensured during the passage of convoys, particularly on the market for combatantswe tell EUTM RCA. A place particularly popular with the inhabitants of Bangui, and with a high density (people, motorcycles, etc.).

The presence in Bouar resumes

Another organizational achievement: the EUTM Operational Military Partnership Detachment (DPMO) is " now complete on the Bouar camp we are assured on the European side. The installation was finalized this August, with small works and camp maintenance to be ready to begin training with the FACA. The Central African Chief of Staff (aka the CEMA), General Zéphirin Mamadou, and the head of EUTM, French General Éric Peltier, went there on Monday (August 24) to visit the installations, the state - defense zone major as well as the instruction and training center which will host FACA training.

A rise in power of the FACA

These changes are part of a strengthening of the mission, in terms of personnel and infrastructure, in the new mandate entrusted to it by the '27' (1), to deal with the (re)rise in power of the FACA, under the national defense plan. New recruits will thus be added to the reinforcement of the defense zone staff (EMZD) in Bouar. The EMZDs in Ndele and Bangassou will also continue their deployment.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

  1. His mandate has just been renewed at the end of July for two additional years. Read : The EUTM RCA mission extended for two years and refocused on military training

Barrier measures against Covid-19

The coronavirus has somewhat complicated the work of EUTM RCA. It has to be said. But the first reaction of the Central African authorities, who reacted quite strongly to the epidemic, by asking Europeans to stop all contact and to remain confined, today seems to be relaxed. EUTM-RCA and the FACA have adapted to the new situation, to continue to work in complete safety. From now on, before each activity, precise and detailed information is provided to all trainees on the importance of the actions to be taken” to prevent the spread of the virus.

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