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Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, (again) poisoned, in danger (v2)

(B2) It is not good to be an opponent apparently in Vladimir Putin's Russia. Alexei Navalny would have been poisoned. A second attempt in a year apparently

The opponent in intensive care

The incident occurred during the Muscovite opponent's return flight from Tomsk in Siberia (1). “ He felt sick during the flight Says his spokesperson Kira Yarmysh on Twitter Thursday (August 20) in the morning. The plane made an emergency landing in Omsk. And Navalny was taken to hospital by ambulance. He is " in intensive care, unconscious ».

tea poisoning

« We assume Alexei was poisoned with something mixed in his tea continues Kira Yarmysh. " It was the only thing he had drunk since this morning. Doctors say the toxin was drawn out more quickly through the hot liquid. » If the hypothesis of poisoning proves true, it would be the second attempt in almost a year.

A poisoning attempt in 2019

The opponent was in fact hospitalized for a short time, at the end of July 2019, for large blisters on his face. A " severe allergic reaction “, indicated the authorities. Navalny had felt his neck, his face, his forehead swell; and significant red marks appear. This " evil weird ", as those around him described it at the time, immediately suggested poisoning, as the person concerned had no history of allergies. He was then imprisoned the day after a demonstration to protest against the result of local elections in Moscow.

A slayer of corruption

This slayer of the corruption which is plaguing the country told us when we met him in Moscow (3), in September 2013, “ my situation is a bit better in that sense”. " I have a certain celebrity, who protects me ". Apparently, this is no longer enough to protect him.

A welcome in France or in Germany?

As the day progressed, the Russian opponent's condition was not reassuring. « The news we have at this hour is extremely worrying “Said Emmanuel Macron.

A Macron – Merkel proposal

Receiving German Chancellor Angela Merkel at Fort de Brégançon, the French president said: extremely concerned ». Il its says ready to provide any necessary assistance » to the opponent as “ to his relatives " on the plan " health, in terms of asylum or protection ". It could thus be welcomed in France, or in Germany (as proposed by Angela Merkel).

A plane ready to take off in Germany

Germany has a certain lead on this subject. The leader of the German human rights NGO Cinema for Peace, Jaka Bizilj, said he was ready. “ A plane with resuscitation specialists will take off this evening “he said daily BILD. " If Navalny is ready to be transported in the morning, the plane will immediately fly to Berlin, his wife will also be on board ».

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

  1. He came to support candidates from the democratic coalition in the local elections of September 13, as he indicates on his blog.
  2. Read AFP via Le Point: Russian opponent Navalny does not rule out having been “poisoned”
  3. Read on B2: Russian corruption, a European issue (Navalny)

Updated on his state of health, and with the possibility of reception in France or Germany

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