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Javier Solana overcomes nasty coronavirus and is discharged from hospital

(B2) The former High Representative of the EU and former Secretary General of NATO, the Spaniard Javier Solana, left the Madrid hospital where he had been admitted on Thursday (9 April) on his own two feet. one month for a 'steep' coronavirus

Javier Solana in December 2017 at the Solvay library (© NGV / B2)

The 77-year-old doesn't tell us much about his stay other than a big thank you. After " four and a half weeks in hospital, I return home and I want to publicly show my admiration for the team who took care of me: doctors, nurses and guards. Great professionals. And they gave me a great lesson in responsibility and dedication. I won't forget you! ».

A disease that we must be aware of in order to get through it

What he doesn't say too much is that he was very close to going through it. Taken to intensive care, placed on oxygen, he owed his survival only to his strength of character (gratifying us with a selfie with the O2 mask), to the nursing staff and to the public service to whom he says thank you . “ I was in all the statistics for ending badly: I am over 75 years old and something else, but you should not come (to the hospital) thinking that you are going there, but be aware that you are leaving. “he confided to his daily exit Your people. His roommate didn't have a chance.

Modesty and irony

At B2 we are happy and thus find the one who remains the first High Representative (and the only one) so far with stature and experience, accompanied by the modesty that befits this function. When there was success, it was never thanks to him, but to everyone else, to his teams. He still proves it today. A man who kept all his irony, the one that always made us smile, despite everything. A few hours ago, he confided on Twitter, his favorite mode of expression: “ It is Impressive that 500 dead is good news. Lowest number in recent days!! ».

Javier! We are very happy today that you have returned to your 'home'.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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