Forbin and De Ruyter train in the Arabian Gulf

(B2) The two ships deployed in the Arabian-Persian Gulf, as part of Operation EMASOH (alias Agenor and Task Force 474) conducted joint anti-surface warfare training on April 1, associating for the first time a Atlantic 2 maritime patrol aircraft, announces thearmy staff. The French Forbin and Dutch De Ruyter frigates attempted to neutralize each other, while avoiding the threat posed by the aircraft. (RM)

(credit: DICOD/EMA)

Romain Mielcarek

Romain Mielcarek is a defense and international journalist. Correspondent of B2 in Paris, he also collaborates with DSI, RFI and Le Monde Diplomatique. Holder of a doctoral thesis in information and communication sciences, he also conducts academic research on military influence. His latest book: "Arms dealers, a French business" (Tallandier, 2017).