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At 14 East Street

(B2) In this garage located in the basement in Boulogne Billancourt, rue de l'Est, at number 14, we had illuminations, projects, actions. In this headquarters of the departmental Red Cross of Hauts-de-Seine, we often met to work but also to phosphorus, to think about what we could do to improve emergency management, and to act.

Between the idea and the realization, there were not often many weeks that passed. When it took time to gather the volunteers and the means, we didn't think too much, we just went for it. It is in these bowels, between the engine oil, the photocopier, and the offices located on the floors, even at the zero point of the Porte St Cloud, that IT applied to emergencies was born, one of the first servers of information from NGOs (on Minitel at the time - internet did not exist), European meetings with young people from all countries (including from the other side of what was at the time 'the Wall') , and above all a new doctrine of emergency relief and disaster relief.

Between go-getters and organizers, Antoine had chosen his side, doing both: he supervised those who were a little too enthusiastic, knew how to find the right cursor to organize the action, and took action. If the doctrine of disaster relief in volunteer organizations (notably the Red Cross) has evolved, or even been put in place, it is partly thanks to him. Discreetly and efficiently, what was called ORISC was set up, the search and intervention body of the French Red Cross, a unit made up of volunteers dedicated to search and rescue. A first work on disaster relief has been published, with a preface by Haroun Tazieff. In the form of a special issue of our cabbage leaf (Message), to avoid arousing national wrath, and with the tacit blessing of international authorities (ICRC and FICROSS). With him, we also welcomed Bernard Kouchner, just promoted to Secretary of State for Humanitarian Action, for our second European youth meeting (Europa Meeting). A moving moment. His first outing as minister was a bit of a relay between the 'old' French doctors and the new ones. The current flowed because we had the same fiber, that of acting, and the desire to stir up an old lady, a little too wise for our taste and stuck in her comfort. Needless to say, welcoming the person who denounced the inaction of the Red Cross in the 1970s earned us a nasty scolding from the National. Regardless, we continued. And we then found ourselves in Paris or in Savoie (near the Modane training center) to remake the world and take another action... ORISC was then recognized and went to several theaters of operation. This is an other story.

Antoine is no more, having died of a long illness on Friday. Farewell Antoine

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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