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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions – CSDP (February 2020)

(B2) Pre-deployment training and doctrine courses in Mali, end of training for police officers in Somalia, donation of equipment to a clinic in Kosovo, forensic training in Ukraine and relay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq and in the Indian Ocean… some of the latest information from CSDP missions

Pre-deployment training at Koulikoro camp (credit: EUTM Mali)

Bamako (Mali). 170 soldiers inaugurate the First pre-deployment training (PDT) 

Around 170 soldiers from the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) took part, at the Koulikoro Training Camp, in a pre-deployment training (PDT) organized and conducted by the EU training mission (EUTM Mali), from January 26 to February 21 . Objective: to provide an infantry company with the necessary preparation and the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP's) required for deployment in operations. And provide supporting weapons teams with specialized training in their respective weapons systems.

Bamako (Mali). First doctrine course for 12 officers

Twelve officers of the FAMa (the Malian armed forces) belonging to several departments - doctrine, the air force, military security, military schools, the staff of the army, engineering, logistics, communications and telecommunications and the national guard — followed the first doctrine course jointly with the director of the joint doctrine center (CID) between 24 and 28 February.

Three officers, including the director of the Joint Doctrine Center (CID), taught the first doctrine course (credit: EUTM Mali)

Mariupol (Ukraine). Forensic kit, end of training gift

National police forensic inspectors from the Donetsk region attended a four-day media-legal training of the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) in Mariupol. Its goal: to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the criminal police and their investigative capacity. They left with forensic equipment consisting of a ballistics kit, a light source kit and a magnetic rake that helps detect metal traces.

The forensic kit delivered at the end of the training (credit: EUAM Ukraine)
Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred Steingresz during the handing over of the colors (credit: EUFOR Althea)

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). A new chief of the multinational battalion

Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred Steingresz took command on Tuesday (February 25) of the European multinational battalion based at Camp Butmir in Sarajevo, responsible for ensuring stabilization and peacekeeping in Bosnia-Herzegovina (EUFOR Althea). He takes over from his compatriot, Lieutenant-Colonel Manfred Leitner.

Leposavic (Kosovo). Donation of medical equipment

A vehicle, medical equipment for emergency and consultation rooms, as well as computer and office equipment, for a value of 67.000 euros were handed over by the head of the European Union rule of law mission in Kosovo (EULEX Kosovo), Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, at the medical center in Leposavić.

Donation ceremony, February 21 (credit: EULEX Kosovo)

Lviv (Ukraine). Good practices between police and journalists

Strengthening communication and building trust between local police and media were on the program of the sensitization workshop co-organized by the EU advisory mission (EUAM Ukraine) in mid-February.

Exchanges between journalists and management and press teams of the national police and patrol police of the Lviv region (credit: EUAM Ukraine)

Mogadishu (Somalia). Inauguration of the mission headquarters 

The new headquarters of the EU training mission (EUTM Somalia) to the Somali forces was inaugurated on 19 February on the international campus in Mogadishu, in the presence, in particular, of the Operation Commander General Esa Pulkkinen ( EU Chief of Staff) and Somali Defense Minister Hassan Ali Mohamed.

Symbolic ribbon cutting (credit: EUTM Somalia)

Baghdad (Iraq). Appointment for the new head of mission

The new head of the mission to advise the Iraqi internal security forces (EUAM Iraq), the German Christoph Buik took up his duties in mid-February (see German relay at the head of the EUAM Iraq mission. Berlin intends to keep positions of influence). He met during the week the head of the EU delegation, Ambassador Martin Huth and the Iraqi Interior Minister, Yassin al-Yasiri.

(credit: EUAM Iraq)

Indian Ocean. Spanish-Italian Relay

The Spanish frigate Numancia and the Italian frigate Bergamini joined the EUNAVFOR Atalanta operation on February 17. They constitute the bulk of the European fleet on site to fight against piracy off the coast of Somalia. (Twitter)

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