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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions and operations – CSDP (March 2020)

(B2) Against the backdrop of the coronavirus epidemic, mission activity has reduced somewhat. But training exercises at sea, training of military doctors and police officers, face-to-face or remotely, continue. Just like the partnership signing and the year's reports. And finally, a nod to the newlyweds of the EULEX Kosovo mission

Civilian missions slowed down due to Covid-19

The eleven CSDP civilian missions have temporarily adapted or reduced their operational activities where necessary warns the commander of civilian CSDP missions on March 24. Operational activities will resume once they are deemed safe ". In the meantime, essential functions continue - such as the protection of witnesses of the EU rule of law mission in Kosovo or the observation of 'borders' by the mission in Georgia -, " but under the full implementation of health precautionary measures ».

PSDC 2020 Mission Map (credit: SEAE)

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Repatriation to Vienna

An S-70 'Black Hawk' helicopter of the Austrian army, equipped with a 'MedEvac' container, repatriated an Austrian soldier from the European Stabilization Operation in Bosnia-Hergovina, suffering from coronavirus, to Vienna on Saturday ( March 28). After taking off from Langenlebarn on Saturday morning and a stopover in Graz, the helicopter landed in Sarajevo, where the patient was treated. After a three-hour flight home, he was handed over to doctors at the Van Swieten Military Hospital in Vienna in the afternoon.

The soldiers equipped with coveralls and masks to avoid any contamination (credit: EUFOR Althea)

Odessa (Ukraine). Videoconference due to Covid-19

Most EUAM Ukraine staff and their counterparts are now working remotely. Covid-19 crisis obliges. It is therefore a webinar which was organized by the 'field office' from Odessa on Friday (March 27). Theme: police intervention in emergency situations. The virtual conference was attended by around a hundred professors and cadets from the Academy of Internal Affairs.

(credit: EUAM Ukraine)

Ukraine and Moldova. Review and Prospects

EUBAM Moldova Ukraine presented its 2019 annual report on March 27. " Together, we are advancing work on confidence-building measures, integrated border management and cross-border crime, and we will certainly persevere in our joint efforts until we succeed in all activities planned until November 2020 “, comments the head of mission Slawomir Pichor.

Hurdiyo (Somalia). Exercises at sea 

Two training exercises took place on Sunday (March 22) in the area of ​​operations against maritime piracy. The boarding teams ('Marine Boarding Team') embarked on the Italian SH-90A helicopter and on inflatable boats (RHIB) of the Italian frigate Bergamini conducted a live-fire exercise against a target towed by the Spanish frigate Numancia of EUNAVFOR Atalanta. The EOD team (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) of the frigate Bergamini carried out an exercise linked to homemade explosive devices which ended with the recovery of an injured man by winch, by the helicopter.

Helicopter recovery exercise for an injured man (credit: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)

Bangui (Central African Republic). Infantry combat

During an eight-week 1st degree technical aptitude certificate (CAT1) training course, EUTM-RCA soldiers provided support to FACA instructors in improving infantry combat, such as zone combat. urban, recognition of a crossroads, first aid in combat, etc. A ceremony marked the end of the training on March 20 at Camp Kassaï.

Graduation ceremony for Central African forces at Camp Kassai on March 20 (credit: EUTM RCA)

Mogadishu (Somalia). Medical training cycle

For three months, doctors from the Somali National Army will undergo training cycles with specialists from the United Nations Force Hospital (AMISOM), under the supervision of staff from the EU training mission in Somalia (EUTM Somalia). This medical mentoring program began on March 2 with an orientation day at the AMISOM hospital in Mogadishu.

(credit: EUTM Somalia)

Rota (Spain). Enhanced cooperation with WFP 

In early March (5th), a memorandum of understanding was signed to strengthen collaboration between the World Food Program (WFP) and EUNAVFOR Atalanta. Maritime security is essential to allow humanitarian aid to reach ports and save lives.

(credit: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)

Nablus (Palestine). Respond to mass events

19 Palestinian police officers were trained on how to manage complex operations (riots, demonstrations and sporting events) while ensuring the safety of people and the protection of human rights. The five-day training was delivered at the Special Police Forces (SPF) Training Center, Nablus, including EUPOL COPPS police advisors from Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.

(credit: EUPOL COPPS)

Pristina (Kosovo). Weddings despite the epidemic

Wearing masks and white gloves, two members of the 'Rule of Law' mission in Kosovo were married on March 28 at the Italian embassy in Pristina. “ Congratulations and blessings Valentina and Hubert! We will celebrate once this is over ” greets the head of EULEX Kosovo, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark on his account Twitter.

(credit: Twitter Lars-Gunnar Wigemark)

(Emmanuelle Stroesser with NGV)

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