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Do your sport in confined mode, with the Foreign Legion

(B2) The (French) Foreign Legion adapts its communication to the canons of Youtube, by offering fashionable 'Tutorial' videos. Major Gérald, sports officer of the 1st foreign regiment of Aubagne, offers advice for doing abs, moving around while maintaining your guard... and this week, for doing sports in a confined space. Coronavirus crisis (Covid-19) obliges.

So all you need is a wall, a stool, a tennis ball and a pair of water bottles to keep you in shape during this difficult time. And don't forget the major's advice: " if your walls are placo, no need to go to the neighbor's house. "


Romain Mielcarek

Romain Mielcarek is a defense and international journalist. Correspondent of B2 in Paris, he also collaborates with DSI, RFI and Le Monde Diplomatique. Holder of a doctoral thesis in information and communication sciences, he also conducts academic research on military influence. His latest book: "Arms dealers, a French business" (Tallandier, 2017).

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