[Evros, gateway to Europe 7] For MSF, the only crisis is that of a lack of political will

(B2, in Athens) Apostolos Veizis leads the operational medical support unit of Doctors Without Borders in Greece. He assures that he there is no crisis of refugees or of the reception of migrants, but a crisis of political management "...

Apostolos Veizis, head of MSF's operational medical support unit in Greece, in his office in Athens (© B2/Emmanuelle Stroesser)

According to the head of the NGO, everything has gotten worse since the signing of the facility between the European Union and Turkey in March 2016. The living conditions in the camps on the Aegean islands are getting worse and worse . " It's not the money that's missing. But the political will ". The one that should prevent thousands of men, women, children and unaccompanied minors from living in unworthy conditions, in the heart of Europe.

Change of rhetoric

The reform of the law on asylum, adopted in the summer of 2019 by the barely installed government, is perceived as a gesture above all political. We had to score. Go fast. Moreover, " she was adopted in four days weighs Apostolos. He castigates the discourse which has hardened. Which makes certain politicians only talk about numbers, the number of containers and no longer of human beings ».

Access to care hindered

The criticism against "the European Union (which) does not assume its responsibility is direct. Doctors Without Borders has also chosen not to receive European funds since 2016.  political choice assumed. Which gives him the freedom to denounce today the restrictions on access to care imposed since last summer on refugees, including " seriously ill children ». MSF targets in particular « the Greek authorities (who) refuse to treat seriously ill children » on the island of Lesbos (1).

(Emmanuelle Stoesser)

  1. See communicated aired January 23.

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