(report) In Greece, at the external borders of the EU

(B2) B2 goes on a report to the borders of Europe… in Greece. To understand why welcoming refugees is still so difficult there? And how are borders controlled?

(credit: Emmanuelle Stroesser/B2)

Under pressure, the Greek authorities are trying to empty the islands where the centers are no longer able to ensure minimum reception conditions for migrants. In Athens, we will meet EASO, the European Asylum Support Office. He will explain to us what he is doing there. We hope to be able to confirm the appointment with the Greek ministry in charge of migration. To find out more, in particular, on the conditions for rehousing asylum seekers on the continent, on the support of Europe and that of the Member States.

In the North of Greece, we will wonder about the situation at the land borders. A situation much covered in the European media as the maritime migration routes. But just as sensitive. We will go to see the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Thessaloniki. We will see to the East, on the side of the border with Bulgaria and with Turkey. We know that the water of the Evros River there is softer than that of the Aegean Sea. However, it also carries the bodies of migrants who die trying to cross... 

(Emmanuelle Stoesser)

Emmanuelle Stroesser

A journalist for magazines and the press, Emmanuelle specializes in humanitarian issues, development, asylum and migration and human rights.