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The Chinese won't appreciate warns Joshua Wong

(B2) Joshua Wong, Hong Kong's opposition leader, was live via internet with MEPs from the European Parliament on Monday 2 December. He had three messages to convey

Joshua Wong (credit: B2 selection/European Parliament)

Unable to move freely outside Hong Kong, Joshua Wong made use of freedom of expression via the internet. The general secretary and co-founder of the Demosito party did not appear on the screens of the Human Rights subcommittee for very long. The liaison ate some of his remarks. But the main thing has undoubtedly been said for the one who is a leader of the demonstrators, arrested and condemned several times since the Umbrella movement and the start of the current demonstrations in June.

End police brutality

The activist asks pressure from the international community to put an end to the police brutality “, which continue to increase. This violence is more serious than you think » he underlines. He quotes " beatings of pregnant women, gang rapes in police stations, forced abortions ».

Avoid Compromises

About the means of the anti-riot forces, he evokes the " of complicity » of countries having « provided military equipment ". " European countries need to realize this. repeats the leader of the movement. A message directed in particular to Eastern European countries, while the United Kingdom has stopped these exports and Washington has just decided to do so, it is worried that Eastern European countries may be tempted to do so...

More generally, he asks the European Union not to sell off its values: "qWhen the European Union is courted by China, it comes at a price. Because a free meal does not exist. China does not play by the rules of the game, human rights violations have been common there for a long time ».

Support the protesters

« We fight for free and fair elections "," the people fight for freedom, values ​​of democracy, economic freedoms, we rise against the greatest authoritarian country in the cold war "," stand with the protesters “, he launches to the address of the European countries.

His last message is for MEPs, “ your invitation will trigger a lot of criticism for you but I thank you for it ».


Democratic snub

The pro-democracy demonstrators emerged from the local elections at the end of November, marked by a record participation rate (71%). And a big victory for the pro-democracy camps (17 districts won out of 18). The snub is severe for Beijing. But does not begin for the time being his determination to subdue the opponents.

Emmanuelle Stroesser

A journalist for magazines and the press, Emmanuelle specializes in humanitarian issues, development, asylum and migration and human rights.