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Latest news from CSDP EU peacekeeping missions (December 2019)

(B2) End of training for police officers and gendarmes in Gao, portrait of a trainer in CAR, royal visit to EUNAVFOR Atalanta… some of the latest information from PSDC missions

Rome (Italy). Handover at Operation Sophia HQ

French Rear Admiral Jean-Michel Martinet officially took over, on December 1, from his compatriot, Rear Admiral Oliver Bodhuin, as number 2 (deputy commander) of the EU anti-trafficking operation. in the central Mediterranean (EUNAVFOR Med / Sophia). Operation which remains limited to aerial surveillance without naval means, due to lack of will of the Member States.

Transition from the role of deputy commander of the operation to the operation HQ in Rome (credit: EUNAVFOR Med)

Kati (Mali). Training of nine officers from the 3rd military region

In this town north of Bamako, a training mission for nine officer trainees from the third military region has just taken place from December 9 to 20. On the workshop agenda: topography, intelligence and force protection. This decentralized activity was carried out by advisors from the “advice” unit (Advisory Task Force (ATF) of EUTM Mali indicates the mission.

(credit: EUTM Mali)

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Political situation still fragile

« The security situation in the country is calm, but the political situation is still fragile said Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Gavač, to the Defense Minister Peter Gajdoš (SNS) during his visit on Friday (13 December) to the Butmir military base of the EU stabilization operation (EUFOR Althea) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to theTASR agency.

(credit: EUFOR BiH)

The EU Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM Moldova Ukraine) and the Moldovan and Ukrainian services have established a joint cross-border working group on trafficking in arms, ammunition and combat explosives. Objective: to strengthen the efforts made by the two countries to fight against arms smuggling. Group created in conjunction with the Frontex and Europol agencies, as the OSCE indicates Twitter feed the mission.

Rota (Spain). Royal visit for EUNAVFOR Atalanta

The King of Spain Felipe VI visited, on November 29, the headquarters of the anti-piracy operation EUNAVFOR Atalanta, in Rota. He toured the facilities and met the operation's staff, made up of professionals from 19 countries, the report said.operation.

(credit: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)

Bangui (CAR). Portrait of a French FACA instructor

Master Corporal 1st Class Mustapha is one of the soldiers in charge of training within the 'Training' pillar of the EU training mission in the Central African Republic (EUTM RCA), indicates theFrench army general staff which paints the portrait of this soldier accustomed to OPEX.

(credit: French Ministry of Defence)

A sniper in Germany for seven years, and with his years in combat company, the master corporal was regularly deployed in OPEX (external operation). In 2011, he was already in the Central African Republic as a trainer for the Central African armed forces (FACA), at the Kassaï camp in Bangui. He returned for the second time, since July 2019. He was deployed to Bouar, where he participated with executives of the Central African armed forces (FACA) in the training of young recruits for basic all-arms training (FETTA).

Gao (Mali). End of training for police and gendarmes

The Malian Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Malick Coulibaly, was present on November 29 for the awarding of diplomas to police officers and gendarmes from Gao who followed the 'conduct of judicial investigations' training, made jointly by MINUSMA, the United Nations peacekeeping mission, and EUCAP Sahel Mali, the EU mission supporting internal security forces. (video lesson)

(credit: twitter son of Yacouba Issoufou PC)

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde, Aurélie Pugnet)

Other articles

If you missed the latest articles published in the section CSDP missions of B2, here is a summary…

Spain determined to get involved in Operation Sophia. We must continue Operation Sophia underlined the Spanish Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, on Tuesday (December 17) during a trip to Sigonella (Sicily). Read : Spain ready to put a ship in Operation Sophia within 14 days

Injured in a road accident. Five Spanish soldiers taking part in the EUTM Mali mission were slightly injured in a road accident in Mali on 16 December. Read : EUTM Mali. Five Spanish soldiers injured in a road accident in Mali

New head at EUTM Mali. Le Brigadier General João Ribeiro, a training professional who took charge of EUTM Mali on Thursday (December 12). Read : A Portuguese, trainer at heart, takes the helm of EUTM Mali

New mission in CAR. The 28 officially approved on Monday, December 9, the mandate of the new EUAM RCA mission, civilian advisory mission to the EU internal security forces in the Central African Republic (EUAM RCA).

The 28 approve the framework of the new EUAM RCA mission (v2)

She will entrusted to a Portuguese colonel, current head of the interoperability pillar of the EUTM mission in the Central African Republic (CAR), Paulo Soares.

The new civilian mission in the Central African Republic (EUAM RCA) entrusted to a Portuguese colonel

…with a gradual commitment. « Member States want to understand what is really possible and commit to a phased approach » insisted the head of the civil missions operation, General V. Coppola.

Everything in its time for EUAM RCA (General Coppola)

New Head at EUAM Iraq. A new chief has been appointed to head the advisory mission in Iraq. German police officer Christoph Buick replaces from January 2020 Markus Ritter who led the mission from the start.

German relay at the head of the EUAM Iraq mission. Berlin intends to keep positions of influence

New Force Commander in EUNAVFOR Somalia. Portuguese officer José António Vizinha Mirones took command on Tuesday (3 December) of the European anti-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia (EUNAVFOR ATALANTA). Read : Relay to Operation Atalanta

Konna (Mali). Officials of the EUCAP Sahel Mali mission returned on November 7 to the Konna National Guard camp, built under an EU-funded project. Read : Return to Konna for the men of EUCAP Sahel Mali

EULEX Kosovo. The Swede Lars-Gunnar Wigemark will take over as head of the 'rule of law' mission in Kosovo on 1 December. This until June 14, 2020. Read: A new head at EULEX Kosovo


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