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The heavy fault of the West and NATO in Syria (Emmanuel Macron)

(B2) French President Emmanuel Macron does not mince his words on the Turkish intervention in Syria as on the functioning of the Atlantic Alliance

E. Macron, during his press conference at the European summit, October 18 (credit: European Council)

He expressed this quite strongly in Brussels during the press conference closing the European summit on Friday (October 18) in the afternoon. “ I consider what has happened for several days to be a gross fault, of the West and of NATO in the region underlined the French president questioned by a journalist. “I found out by tweet that the United States decided to withdraw their troops and liberate the area, like everyone else. »

NATO's credibility compromised

The long-term future of NATO is at stake, as the offensive " durably weakens our credibility to find partners on the ground, who will fight on our side, thinking that they are protected durably " and especially, " this also questions the functioning of NATO ". The lack of communication between Allies is a problem. " It is important that we can meet and coordinate, at least between the three Europeans (1) and Turkey. »

The victory of the law of the strongest

« Today, in the region, those who emerge winners by the law of the strongest […] are Russia, Turkey and Iran. I am not sure that this was exactly the strategic element that was most relevant, neither for Europe nor for the USA. »

Not all fighters in Syria are PKK

There were no doubt good reasons for Turkey. " I completely respect the fight against the PKK and terrorists. I have always said this to President Erdogan. […] But many of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and freedom fighters, [like] anti-Daesh fighters on the ground were not PKK. »

Bring Turkey back to reasonable positions

For Emmanuel Macron, it is necessary "trying not only to understand, but to see where Turkey wants to go and how to bring it back to more reasonable positions, which allow it to articulate its internal security and its internal security objectives with also respect for our agenda and fair solidarity who is in NATO ».

European strategic autonomy more necessary than ever

The French president draws a lesson from this for Europe. “ We can no longer be the minority partners of others, even if they are our allies, that's all ". To continue to exist, Europe needs “ real autonomy, a real Europe of Defense, that's what becoming a strategic power again ».

(NGV and CG, st.)

(1) The president is certainly thinking of France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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