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Celtic insurrection in the province of Luxembourg

(B2 in Marche-en-Famenne) In position under the Belgian drizzle, camera in hand, we are present this Wednesday (September 25) in Marche-en-Farenne in the province of Luxembourg, to attend the 'VIP' day of the Franco-Belgian military exercise called Celtic Uprising 2019

All in position

It all seems very real. The exercise takes place in an urban area. It begins with the arrival of armored vehicles. Coming out of it are men in battle. A cannon enters the game. A drone is also deployed. Objective: observe the conflict zone. Soldiers are also positioned behind the trees. On an observation mission.

Arrival of soldiers on the battlefield (© Aurélie Pugnet / B2)

The first attacks: enemy vehicles are targeted

Then, additional vehicles arrive on the scene. The first shots are fired towards the houses located not far from there, in which people of interest have been spotted, and more precisely on their vehicles.

The vehicle is hit (© Aurélie Pugnet / B2)

The troops in action

The troops then position themselves very quickly below the houses, ready to react in the event of an attack coming from the houses. Other vehicles are present and deploy additional troops on the ground. A unit surrounds and then enters the first house. Gunshots are heard.

Soldiers advancing (© Aurélie Pugnet / B2)

Attacks come from both sides

The action moves. Shots come from the second house (located on the right of the photo) and wound a soldier in the leg. Medical evacuation is required. An armored vehicle bearing the red cross approaches and evacuates the wounded to Role 1 (the field infirmary).

The sky darkens (© Aurélie Pugnet / B2)

The capitulation

A second house is surrounded. Shots are fired. Additional vehicles arrive near the battle location. An attack comes from the road. It doesn't take long for the Belgian and French troops to fight back and neutralize the reinforcements that are arriving to help their surrounded comrades. The action ends.

The target is surrounded (© Aurélie Pugnet/B2)

Exercise Celtic Uprising 2019 is a first step in implementing the Motorized Capability 'CaMo' program as explained by Colonel Monin. Article to follow

(Aurelie Pugnet)

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