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The Malian motorized company trained in the Casspir

(B2) A Malian infantry company has just been formed with the new Casspir armored vehicles, received from Germany

The new Malian motorized company with its Casspir vehicles (credit: Bundeswehr)

29 vehicles

This armored personnel carrier is completely new for the Malian army. The first ten units arrived in May, with the remaining 19 following a few weeks later. The German Ambassador to Mali, Dietrich Becker, officially handed over on July 16 on the Kati base to Major General Abdoulaye Coulibaly, the army chief of staff, all the vehicles, as well as several pieces of protective equipment: 4100 bulletproof vests, 4300 ranger shoes, 2700 helmets ballistics. Tactical training is provided by trainers from the European mission EUTM Mali. The drivers and mechanics were first trained in advance by a South African company (which manufactured its machines). The EUTM Mali mission then took over to take care of the rest, during two sessions, in May and July.

Vehicle training

This training was set up from scratch, not according to German or European standards, but Malian ones. " This is a particularity of the training: we do not have an existing framework. We tried to find a practical solution » explains the German captain, Nils Z. For four weeks, the Malian soldiers were able to discover the new transport vehicle: learning the knowledge of the vehicle such as changing tires. The training then continued with first aid, trap and convoy training as well as infantry basics.

Learn the order of getting into the vehicle

The order in which one must get in and out of the vehicle is practiced for an entire day. “ Its very important. Each seat has its own function. For example, the co-pilot is also the gunner ", explains Nils Z. The first soldier on the right is responsible for opening and closing the hydraulic door. “ To be efficient quickly and under stress, it is important to know the procedure of closing in a zip ».

convoy driving

Another training session involved learning how to move vehicles in convoy. At over 40 degrees outside, the exercise is particularly demanding. First learning with a 360° stop: inspection of the premises. “ The surroundings of the vehicle are then searched for explosive devices. », explains Sergeant Major Daniel M. The important thing is cohesion. " VS'is the only way to turn individual shooters into a unit. The progress is clearly visible “, explains Daniel M. The particularity of the Casspir is its high cabin – we explain on the side of the Bundeswehr. “With its characteristic V shape, it reduces the risk of injury in the event of a mine explosion. »


  1. Germany had already donated a year ago, on June 21, 2018, a batch of 25 Mercedes trucks and 3 forklift trolleys and recharging parts with a total cost estimated at 1 billion CFA francs.

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