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The European Union and the United Nations join forces in Mali

(B2) The violence raging in central Mali worries both Europeans and UNs. They made this clear during a recent joint visit by their two heads of peacekeeping operations

(credit: EUCAP Sahel Mali)

Since the beginning of the year, attacks against villages in the center of the country have continued to multiply, profoundly calling into question the usefulness and effectiveness of European and UN stabilization actions in the country.

The UN and the European Union have deployed civilian missions in Mali since July 2013 for one (the police component of MINUSMA) and January 2015 for the other (EUCAP Sahel Mali). They now want to think about increasing their coordination and collaboration between these two missions, which work alongside the Malian internal security forces in order to strengthen their capacities. This was somewhat the objective of the visit to the field between 19 and 23 June Pedro Serrano, Deputy Secretary General of the EEAS, and Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Deputy Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations of ONU.

The delegations thus jointly visited the headquarters of EUCAP Sahel Mali and that of the headquarters of the G5 Sahel. Key interviews with the Malian authorities, the signatories of the peace agreements, as well as civil society organizations. They also went as far as Mopti, in the center of the country, where they were able to observe the situation.

This visit, highly symbolic, made it possible to put on the radar the deterioration of the situation in the Sahel on the eve of the meeting of the United Nations Security Council to renew the mandate of MINUSMA (read: The Minusma extended until 2020. The situation in the center of Mali object of all attention). But also in the context of a clear reinforcement of European support for Mali.


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