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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions – CSDP (June 2019)

(B2) In Niger, security forces are preparing for the African Union summit. In the Gulf of Aden, the Koreans are taking part in Operation Atalanta exercises. Ukrainian officers are trained in the fight against corruption in Lithuania. Palestinians visit Brussels and Jordan to build capacity to fight fraud and cybercrime

Niamey. Simulation of simultaneous terrorist attacks

Niger's internal security forces conducted an exercise in managing multiple simultaneous terrorist attacks on June 18 in Niamey. Objective: prepare the regional operational center and the various forces (national police, national guard, national gendarmerie, firefighters and SAMU) to react in a coordinated and effective manner, in view of the holding of the African Union summit from July 6 to 9 in the Nigerian capital. The exercise was created and co-led by EUCAP Sahel Niger and the French Embassy.

(credit: EUTM RCA)

Gulf of Aden. Cooperation with South Korea within EUNAVFOR Atalanta

The South Korean ship Dae Jo Yeong joined the European counter-piracy operation off Somalia in mid-June. The Koreans thus accompanied theESPS Navarre in carrying out friendly approaches and boarding exercises. This collaboration is part of the more general framework of collaboration between Koreans and Europeans to secure the maritime route between the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

Vilnius. The fight against corruption taught by the Lithuanian police to the Ukrainians

A group of Ukrainian national police officers visited Lithuania in early June. Lithuanian police officers shared with them their experience in preventing and combating corruption, which enabled them to significantly improve the population's trust in the police force. The focus was on education, resilience to corruption, and working with whistleblowers.

(credit: EUAM Ukraine)

Brussels. Palestinian anti-fraud mission in Brussels

From June 18 to 20, five representatives of the General Administration of Palestinian Borders and Crossings had the opportunity to visit the European Anti-Fraud Organization (OLAF). The opportunity to exchange face-to-face on investigation procedures, fraud prevention methods, and the fight against cross-border fraud.

(credit: EUPOL COPPS)

Jordan. 13 Palestinian judges trained in cybercrime

13 Palestinian judges attended a four-day training on cybercrime. Responding to the specificity of this type of crime, circumventing the limits of current Palestinian law in this area, understanding the modus operandi of cybercriminals were at the heart of this training. Judges trained in Jordan will train themselves nearly 50 other Palestinian judges. The training was organized and financed by EUPOL COPPS.

(credit: EUPOL COPPS)