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A female elevated 'Commander' of the Dutch Navy. Welcome Jeanette

(B2) A first in the history of the Dutch Navy. Jeannette Morang thus received her new stripes of 'Commander' (ship captain) Friday (June 14), announces the Dutch Ministry of Defense


Jeanette Morang is a trailblazer. She joined the Navy in 1983 as a 1st Class at the Royal Naval Institute. And she was one of the first female ship commanders. Among other things, she commanded the anti-mine combat ship Hr. Ms Alkmaar and the command and anti-aircraft defense frigate Hr. Ms. De Ruyter (F-804). She is recognized as a professional convincing and stubborn, endowed with a highly developed sense of responsibility and a bold personality says the official statement.

NB: The first women were admitted to work for the Dutch armed forces in 1944, initially in separate departments. In 1981, all distinctions between these departments were abolished and the integration of women in all positions was initiated. But the progress of women in the Dutch army remains rather slow.


NB: She does not take the head of the Dutch navy, as mentioned by mistake, but is elevated to one of the highest ranks ever held by a woman. It will take him a few more years to reach this position, if ever the Netherlands intends to make this gesture.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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