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Bahrain, the mecca against maritime piracy

(B2) Over 100 delegates from anti-piracy forces, international organizations and associations, and private companies attended the 44th SHADE in Bahrain

(credit: Combined Maritime Forces)

The threat of piracy, regional maritime security and the need to guarantee the free movement of commerce in the Indian Ocean were at the center of the discussions of the 'deconfliction' forum in the Mediterranean (SHADE MED), on April 17 in Bahrain.

How to achieve better cooperation

Objective of the forum: as always, SHADE seeks to strengthen civil-military cooperation and the exchange of information in order to develop better management practices (Best Management Practices BMP5). These include self-protection measures for ships transiting risky regions.

Everyone on the bridge

Were present: the new operation commander of EUNAVFOR, the states participating in the European operation and the coalition operation (CMF – combined maritime forces), representatives of the NATO maritime centre, the United Nations Food Program which EUNAVFOR ships (or others) regularly escort, the international maritime association BIMCO. But also private (oil!) companies such as Shell, BP, the international maritime forum of oil companies OCIMF, etc.

Everything still remains to be done

« Piracy in the Horn of Africa is by no means eradicated: it is only suppressed”, concluded Vice Admiral Antonio Martorell, head of the European operation EUNAVFOR Atalanta.

NB: 120.000 ships representing 2/3 of world oil transport pass through the region annually.