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[Carte Blanche] Let's make Europe the right way. Chick! (Jean Marsia)

(B2) For Jean Marsia, one of the main Belgian experts on European defense - he now chairs the European Defense Society AISBL (S€D) - the recent position taken by Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the leader of the CDU, the Chrétiens -German Democrats, are to be welcomed… except when she talks about a common aircraft carrier and refuses the federal jump

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (credit: CDU)

An excellent initiative

'Let's make Europe the right way!' It is under this title that the leader of the CDU, the main German party, responded, in the major European newspapers and on the website of the party she chairs (1), as if she were already Chancellor, to the recent proposals from French President Emmanuel Macron with a view to reforming the European Union. Like him, she spoke, in their language, to most European citizens. Excellent initiative which can only reinforce the feeling of European citizenship!

We need strategic assets

How not to share his conclusion: “ We must make Europe the right way now. We need strategic assets for our industry, our technologies and our innovations, a sense of security for our fellow European citizens, and common foreign policy and security capabilities to make our interests heard. We must tackle the task now, with confidence, and not let the constant fear of “populists” dampen our determination. »

Valuable proposals

How to dispute that We must remain transatlantic while becoming more European ", than " Europe should in future be represented by a common permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council ", that need " quickly develop Frontex into an operational border police, and deploy it »?

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer also formulates very estimable proposals, such as " the regrouping of the European Parliament in its seat in Brussels "," the emergence of an Islam compatible with our values "," taxation of income of EU civil servants » and that of « large international groups ", so that they pour " their just contribution to our European social market economy, as do our small and medium-sized enterprises ».

A common aircraft carrier is much more complicated

On the other hand, by considering the construction of a common aircraft carrier, without defining what its flag would be or what admiralty it would depend on, it shows its ignorance of defense issues. To govern Germany is not to govern the Saarland. As for the defense of Europe, it is even more complicated.

It is the Member States that are unable

[But the CDU leader] is wrong when she says: " No European superstate can meet the objective of a Europe capable of acting ". It is the Member States that no longer know. These have, since 2005, had great difficulty in making a summary at the European Council. To curb the 2008 crisis, it took about thirty Board meetings, and the solutions are only partial. Result: ten years of misery. The United States, which is a federal state, solved the problem within a year.

The federalist initiative can only come from the small states

The rebuilding of Europe requires a federal, legitimate, democratic state. The positions taken by Mr Macron and Mrs Kramp-Karrenbauer have the merit of showing European citizens that neither France nor Germany should be counted on to rebuild Europe. The federalist initiative can only come from the small states.

(Jean Marsia)

President of the European Defense Company (S€D)

(1) Read Common aircraft carrier, common seat on the Security Council… The fair for good ideas by Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

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