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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions – CSDP (February (2) 2019)

(B2) In Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lieutenant-Colonel Sanz takes over command of the multinational battalion. In Seychelles, the coast guard continues to train with EUNAVFOR Atalanta. In Iraq, EUAM Iraq is expanding its activities towards the east of the country. In Mali, training in maintaining order, communication and community policing are on the agenda. In Somalia, new combat engineers are ready for action

Butmir (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Handover of command of the multinational battalion

The command of the multinational battalion of EUFOR Althea has been handed over by Austrian Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver Pilles to his compatriot Alfred Sanz. The handover ceremony took place on February 26 in the presence of the head of mission, Major General Martin Dorfer. The multinational maneuver battalion, based in Sarajevo, is made up of soldiers mainly from Austria, Hungary and Turkey. A. Sanz knows the challenges of the region, having previously served in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

(credits: EUFOR Althea)

Seychelles. Training aboard the Relampago off the Seychelles

The Seychelles Coast Guard and Air Force trained aboard the Relampago, off Victoria Harbour. Training in the use of radars and air navigation assistance then a transition to practice. The visit allowed EUNAVFOR members to gauge training and training needs as part of their collaboration with the Seychelles authorities in the fight against piracy.

(credits: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)

Diyala (Iraq). Unprecedented visit by EUAM Iraq to the Diyala region

A team from EUAM Iraq visited Diyala for the first time. In this region hitherto little contested by Daesh, the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army, EUAM established contact with local authorities, including the provincial governor and the police chief with the aim of discussing a possible future collaboration.

(credits: EUAM Iraq)

Mopti (Mali). Law enforcement training and professional intervention

47 National Guard trainees underwent training on professional intervention techniques in Mopti. On the menu: learning how to react to a bomb threat, the concept of community policing, basic intelligence and information research, and operational management. It was Lieutenant Drissa Coulibaly, who himself completed his training as a law enforcement educator in November 2018, who taught this course, with the support of the European mission EUCAP Sahel Mali.

(credits: EUCAP Sahel Mali)

mali. Communication and community policing on the agenda of the Malian National Guard

Ten trainees from the National Guard were trained for a week in community policing and good communication, both vis-à-vis their teams and the population. Human resources and intelligence were also addressed during this training which took place during the month of February.

(credits: EUCAP Sahel Mali)

Kati (Mali). The training of Malian instructors is progressing

A group of 200 Malian soldiers received their Combined Mobile Advisory and Training Team (CMATT) certificate in Kati. This decentralized training aims to prepare Malian officers to provide training themselves in their military regions. The course ended on February 15.

(credits: EUTM Mali)

Mogadishu (Somalia). End of the first combat engineer training session of 2019

Sixteen trainees from 32rd Engineer Battalion of the Somali National Army graduated on February 7, 2019 at the 'General Dhagabadan' training camp in Mogadishu. This course is intended to train platoons of engineers dedicated to preparing and maintaining defensive positions, constructing protected checkpoints, and anticipating and reacting to the threat of improvised explosive devices . The training was provided by EUTM Somalia trainers over four weeks.

(credits: EUTM Somalia)