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A drone flies over EUTM Mali HQ, the protection force reacts

(B2) European soldiers who ensure the protection of the EU training mission of the Malian army (EUTM Mali) have “ responded with targeted fire on a drone that was detected while flying illegally” headquarters in Bamako clarified on Thursday (March 7) the mission in a tweet. A " limited defensive measure [who] at no time posed a threat to the local population added the spokesperson, in order to reassure the surrounding population.

three shots

It was around 13:30 p.m. Two of the sentries who were on guard went up the road. 100 meters from their post to fire on a drone which was flying over the area while advancing towards the EUTM base. The shots did not hit the target and the aircraft immediately turned back ”says Mohamed Salaha of the Malian newspaper North South who collected several testimonies on the spot.

A fear in the neighborhood

The three shots that rang out caused panic in this business district, called ACI 2000, according to our Malian colleague. “ Everyone in the area was scared. Some were running in all directions. The scene did not exceed five minutes. They fired and quietly returned to their posts without saying a word to anyone. “says a man who holds a kiosk just in front of the base. " As soon as the shots rang out, the aircraft automatically turned around. It's as if the manipulator of the device is there with us »

The reasons for the overflight unknown

We do not know the function of the drone, nor the reason for the overflight or its owner. " The Malian authorities have been notified » says EUTM Mali. An investigation must be carried out.


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