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The Malian army receives new doctrine manuals

(B2) Brigadier General Peter Mirow, Head of the EUTM Mali army training mission, handed over the new doctrine manuals to General Coulibaly, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces in mid-January. Malians (FAMA)

Delivery of the new doctrine manual by Brigadier General Mirow to General Coulibaly, (credit: EUTM Mali)

3250 new doctrine manuals were thus delivered to the Malian armed forces (FAMA) at the start of the 2019 academic year. These manuals are the latest product of the FAMA inter-army doctrine center (CID), created in 2016. They were written in close collaboration with the 'doctrine' cell of the advisory unit of the European mission EUTM Mali. It was Luxembourg that was called to the rescue to finance the publication (1). EUTM Mali indicated that the CID continues its effort to harmonize and define the rules governing the behavior of the armed forces ».


(1) European funds cannot be mobilized for this task