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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions – CSDP (February 2019)

(B2) The Somaliland Coast Guard is trained to ensure maritime security. The EU mission in Iraq visits territories liberated from Daesh. In the West Bank, EUBAM Rafah supports the Palestinian border management agency… the latest news from EU missions and operations deployed under the CSDP

Anbar and Basra (Iraq). EUAM Iraq in areas liberated from Daesh

Several experts from EUAM Iraq traveled to the province of Anbar (western Iraq) then to Basra (south-east) at the end of January. Objective: to learn about investigative methods, community policing, planning, crime management and operations carried out by Iraqi law enforcement agencies. The mission says that cooperation will be strengthened, in particular with the Anbar region, to cover certain issues, such as police training and intelligence in the territories recently liberated from Daesh.

(credits: EUAM Iraq)

Jericho (West Bank). Donation of equipment for the Rafah checkpoint

An agreement was signed between the head of the EU Mission EUBAM Rafah, Günther Freisleben and the Director General of the General Administration of Borders and Crossing Points (GABC) on January 16. The donation of equipment and support to the training center aims to strengthen the capacities of border management agencies to operate the checkpoint of Rafah" according to international standards ". EUBAM also supports the creation of a team of trainers within the GABC as well as the supply of necessary equipment. NB: This donation follows the rehabilitation of the GABC training center in 2017.

(credits: EUBAM Rafah)

Somaliland. Search and rescue exercise at sea off Berbera

Based on five scenarios, the Somaliland Coast Guard carried out its first search and rescue exercise at sea. Aboard three vessels, they trained to seek and communicate positions, and conduct search and rescue operations survivors. The exercises were coordinated by the Berbera operating room and the majority of discussions were in English. The exercise, organized and facilitated by EUCAP Somalia, who are " demonstrates the progress made by the Somaliland Coast Guard ».

(credits: EUCAP Somalia)

Somaliland. Spanish sailors aboard the Somaliland Coastguard

The Spanish ship Flash of lightning welcomed on board at the end of January the Somaliland Coast Guard and representatives of the Ministry of the Interior. Objective: a presentation on maritime security and counter-piracy procedures, followed by a practical exercise. Spanish sailors then boarded coast guard boats, says EU anti-piracy operation EUNAFOR Atalanta.

(credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)

Bamako (Mali). VIP Protection 

Dressed in their black bodyguard costumes and hidden behind their sunglasses, the Malian trainees of the Special Intervention Brigade carried out a simulation exercise organized by the EUCAP Sahel Mali mission. Objective: to ensure the security of a high-ranking personality visiting Mali. For the occasion a dimension “ full-scale » had been given to the exercise, with rental of private vehicles and putting into practice all the techniques taught in the theoretical courses.

(credits: EUCAP Sahel Mali)

Sénou (Mali). End of “fusilier commando” training

Treating a wounded person in a combat zone, fighting in an urban environment, or securing an air base, are all activities in which Malian “commando riflemen” have been trained by EUTM Mali. This training, provided over twelve weeks, ended with an exercise at the Sénou air base, in the presence of Brigadier General (German) Peter Mirow, the head of EUTM Mali, and the chief of staff of the Malian Air Force, Brigadier General Bamba.

(credits: EUTM Mali)

Lviv (Ukraine). Protection of whistleblowers

A working group was organized by the EU Internal Security Forces Advisory Mission (EUAM Ukraine), with the aim of taking stock of the protection of whistleblowers in Ukraine. Representatives of the regional administration, Lviv town hall, law enforcement, and NGOs fighting against corruption took part. The Danish and Lithuanian experiences were presented, the participants discussed the possibility of making these experiences models for Ukraine to follow. NB: EUAM Ukraine had already organized two conferences on the subject in February and November 2018 in kyiv.