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Goodbye Tornado

(B2) British Air Force Tornadoes returned from their final deployment to Iraq on Tuesday (5 February). They will be withdrawn from service at the end of March, the Royal Air Force said in a communicated.

A tornado taking off (credit: Royal Air Force - B2 Archives - 2007)

Entering service in 1979, their most recent standard (GR4) flew in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria. The relief in the Middle East is provided by the Typhoons (alias Eurofighters), while waiting for the F-35s. This European multirole fighter continues to serve in Germany, Italy... and Saudi Arabia.


Romain Mielcarek

Romain Mielcarek is a defense and international journalist. Correspondent of B2 in Paris, he also collaborates with DSI, RFI and Le Monde Diplomatique. Holder of a doctoral thesis in information and communication sciences, he also conducts academic research on military influence. His latest book: "Arms dealers, a French business" (Tallandier, 2017).