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The Nigerien military, an essential link in the criminal justice chain

(B2) The Nigerien soldiers were trained and trained to have "the right gestures" at a crime scene, before handing over to the internal security forces and the justice system.

(credits: EUCAP Sahel Niger)

60 soldiers from the Niger Armed Forces were trained in securing crime scenes and collecting evidence in the north of the country. The army is, in fact, responsible for certain actions in territories where neither the police nor the gendarmerie are present. This is the case in Madama, near the Libyan border, where the EU security capacity building mission (EUCAP Sahel Niger) provided theoretical and practical training to soldiers from the 84rd Battalion from January 22 to 25, 2019.

This strengthening of military knowledge and capabilities in this area is fundamental. The region is particularly vulnerable to the threat of terrorism and crime due to the porous borders. " L'objective was also to legally protect military action, make the penal chain more effective and strengthen the link between the army and civil society » assures the mission.