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EUTM RCA begins training a new territorial infantry battalion

(B2) The formation of the 4th Territorial Infantry Battalion has begun

(credit: EUTM RCA)

The opening ceremony took place on the Kassaï camp on January 16th. EUTM RCA instructors will train the two companies of the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) in combat, topography, tactics and health prevention.

More than 3400 trained by EUTM

With the end of the training of the amphibious battalion on December 6, the FACA count “now more than 3400 men and women trained by EUTM within operational battalions and formed units said the mission commander, General (Portuguese) Hermínio Maio. Active forces: approximately 1200 FACA men are deployed in the field.

Objective: the training of executives

In a short time, EUTM will take on new missions, while continuing its traditional actions. She " will support the training of new recruits alongside FACA instructors clarified the general. The training of executives, it is the base of any army ; [...] qualifying courses punctuate the careers of officers and non-commissioned officers ". Executive training will focus on qualifying courses for officer and non-commissioned officer careers. And the general to hope that the application school for infantry officers " can start in the near future ».