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Hodeidah civilians targeted. Wars have rules reminds the ICRC

(B2) The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has just called on the belligerents in the Yemen war this Thursday (November 8), “ to protect the population and civilian infrastructure from unnecessary damage ". This while the fighting intensifies strongly around Hodeïda.

Civilians targeted?

« The city of Hodeïda is once again plunged into violence, and hundreds of thousands of Yemenis are paying the price. The prospect of negotiations cannot justify flouting the law of war which protects the lives of civilians said Fabrizio Carboni, ICRC regional director for the Near and Middle East. " Wars have rules and the parties to the conflict must respect them, even in the fiercest battles."

The offensive on Hodeida, a bad signal

« This new offensive on Hodeïda tempers the optimism aroused by the recent announcement of peace negotiations says F. Carboni. " It is difficult to describe how dramatic the situation is in Yemen. This country needs more than ever to see a glimmer of hope."

Health centers close to the front line

The clashes are getting closer to health centers, note the humanitarian organization's teams. This forced the May 22 hospital in Hodeida to interrupt its activity. Al-Thawra hospital, the largest in the city, is only a few meters from the front line. “ If other health centers were to close, the remaining structures may not have the capacity to provide regular services or to cope with an influx of wounded. »


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